“I Ask God For a Lot Of Strength To …” Sebastin Yatra’s Confession What Would Tini Say?

Sebastin Yatra is one of the most recognized music dolos of recent times, who has charted an impressive artistic career. His influence in music made him reach the main rankings and gain international fame.

As one of the referents of reggaetn, the singer He has collaborated with important artists and as sum an more followers, who were dazzled by his talent and his songs that are a hit. Related News With whom he had several collaborations was with Tini Stoessel, who later became the bride of the famous, thus forming one of the most beloved couples in the environment. Aren’t they cute together?

In addition to recording several songs to do, Argentina and Colombia usually do everything possible to match their agendas and perform together on stage in different cities, captivating their fans, who will rave to see them sing together. , it should not be easy to concentrate on their respective careers knowing that they are so far from each other, and that the time they spend is very short. But if something is clear is that the music joined them, something that the artist often thanks, dedicating beautiful words to his girlfriend.


This time, Sebastin wanted to celebrate the fact of having started this dream of being an artist, that’s why he dedicated the post to two very important people, who believed in him and helped him grow. “I think back while I look at this picture and I don’t quite believe everything that has happened in 13 years since we started .. Thank you Sir Lucian Grainge and Jesus Lopez for believing in our dream, work and ideas,” he began by saying.

“I get excited like a little boy thinking about the plans we have for this year, and I ask God for a lot of strength to fight to the fullest for them !! I enjoy what I do so much and I can’t feel more proud to belong to the family” , Concludes Yatra.