“I Can’t Wait To Be a Grandmother”, Gigi Hadid’s Mother Confirms Pregnancy (it’s a Girl)

The ‘top model’ will have a baby next to her boyfriend Zayn Malik, said former model Yolanda Foster, who said she is happy.

While Gigi hadid share in their Insta Stories Delicious recipes for making pasta, the world wondered if the information released yesterday that she is 20 weeks pregnant was true. Today the person in charge of confirming that the top model and her boyfriend Zayn Malik they are going to be dads it was her mom, Yolanda Foster.


It was the confirmation he gave Yolanda in an interview for RTL Boulevard, so there is no longer any doubt, even though Gigi (his most recent photo is of his birthday) nor Zayn have given no opinion on the matter. Just as he said Foster, this news is a balm for his family, after losing his matriarch: Ans van den Herik, who died at the age of 78 in August 2019.

At that sad moment, the mother of Gigi and Beautiful published a series of photographs, in black and white, of his mother, which accompanied the heartfelt message: “RIP

my guardian angel, my mom. Thank you for loving me the way you did and for making me the woman I am today. “But this afternoon the atmosphere is festive because” the stork is on the way. “

The family Hadid Foster celebrated on April 25 the 25th birthday of Gigi, in which he was present Yolanda and that occurred within the framework of this quarantine. That fledgling tummy that you see in the top model In the photos of the celebration she already has a happy explanation and they are part of the photo album of her first baby, who according to a close source will be a girl, reported ET Online.

The suspicious followers of Gigi They also made the same statement because at the bottom of the snapshots you see a pink gift bag and for them it was confirmation. Hadid and Zayn have not had an entirely easy romance, they met in 2015 in a parade of Victoria’s Secret, despite its several breaks, since January they are together again and now they will be parents.