“I Don’t Think Of Myself As a Star” [Video]

After a season away from the spotlights and cameras, Renée Zellweger returns with Judy, the biopic of the great Judy Garland who has already earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Directed by Rupert Goold (A true story), the film affects the most difficult and tragic moments of Garland’s personal and professional life – with a captivating interpretation and totally delivered by the Texan, which many consider safe triumphant next February 9, so when we had the opportunity to sit down with Renée (and with her cast partner Rufus Sewell, who plays Garland’s third husband) we asked him how was the process of investigation and transformation in the mythical protagonist of El Wizard of Oz, as we talk about the challenges Garland lived in life compared to those she faces daily as a modern movie star. “I didn’t know much about this chapter of Judy’s life,” he reveals. “He knew his successes and failures published by articles that emphasized the tragedy of his end. But when you manage to understand a little more the trajectory of his career and what led him to live challenges throughout his life, we can see that chapter with more empathy and consider her not as a victim, but as a hero. She was a warrior. “” It seems unfair to compare ourselves, “she told us when talking about Hollywood pressures on women protagonists. “But we are no longer ignorant as they were at the height of Judy Garland. I can’t imagine not participating in the decisions of my life, the finances of my professional life … it’s a different world.” “I don’t think of myself as a star, I am a woman with a strange job, who travels a lot, I did not go anywhere just that I was working on other things by choice, away from the camera “he confessed to us when talking about his absence of six years on screen and his perspective to the applause received and the changes in the industry. “I don’t think about my life that way, as the famous person who is the result of the audience’s projections, I’m just a girl who would rather not wear heels today,” he told us in a good mood. Don’t miss it! Judy debuts in Spain on January 31, just one week before the ceremony 92 of the Oscar.