I Have a Message For Donald Trump

Carlos Contreras Legaspi

Mexico City / 10.31.2019 00:32:01

Although he was born in the United States, Kelvin Gastelum has always shown pride in being Mexican and this Saturday he is looking for another great fight wearing the colors of his parents' nation.


The rival for the UFC 145 co-star event is Darren Till, the Englishman who fought for the welterweight title a little over a year ago, but it is a fight that can mean a lot.

First, he wants to knock him out quickly to win a rematch through the middle belt before Israel Adesanya and then give another demonstration of a migrant's success, with President Donald Trump as a special guest: “that night we will send him a message. Immigrants here are the ones who help this country to get ahead and we will prove it, ”Gastelum explained in an interview with La Afición.

Additionally, we want to remove the spine of UFC 205, in 2016, when it failed on the scale and could not fight with Donald Cerrone:

“That's why I wanted to come to fight here and because I come from losing. I want to send a message to everyone, use Darren Till to show that we should make that rematch with the champion, ”added the one born in San Jose, California, but from Sonoran parents.

Gastelum, winner of the season 17 of The Ultimate Fighter, is accustomed to face fighters with advantage of average weight range since his arrival in the Octagon and although it took him to start his post-defeat camp with Adesanya, he believes he is already the pair of the stars of the UFC, "my last fight speaks for itself, I am at that level, I have a way to go, but I am in that league, in the top of my division and the best moment is yet to come," he said.

In recent years he has shared on more than one occasion training with Yair 'Pantera' Rodríguez, who lit a candle to 'San Conor McGregor' to face the next January 18, an idea that he loves and even would like his revenge for the title it was given on the same billboard

“I liked what he did, it's a good call to Conor McGregor, imagine the Irish against the Mexicans, he would be cool, why not? and Henry (Cejudo) there at once, ”said Gastelum Encinas.



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