“I Have Lived With At Least 30 Families”: Between Tears, a Girl With Dwarfism Claims Not To Be a Psychopath | Univision Chicago WGBO

In the video, Natalia Grace Barnett gives her version about the number of times she has been adopted, her date of birth, the type of relationship she has with other children and the truth about her menstrual cycles.

Age and health problems

Natalia told Dr. Phil that they are 16 years old and that she was born on September 4, 2003. On her health problems she clarified that she suffers from dwarfism, which is short stature caused by a disease or genetic disorder.


"It is usually defined as an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimeters) or less. The average adult height among people with dwarfism is 4 feet (122 cm)," according to MayoClinic's explanation.

In addition, it also has scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine that occurs most frequently during the period of growth before puberty: "It can occur due to conditions such as childhood cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy," another of the conditions from Natalia.

From Ukraine to America

The first place he came to live was New Hampshire, where it lasted only two years. Natalia told Dr. Phil that she doesn't remember very well but has lived with "at least 30 families."

"I don't remember living with so many families," says Natalia, but her calculations are based on the information that her adoptive mother, Kristine, gave her about her history.

On the reasons that forced her to leave the New Hampshire family, she says she was very close and got along very well with the other son of the family. However, one day it fell on the child's arm and the mother believed that Natalia wanted to break her arm.

Then he went to live with the DePauls, another family in which Natalia says she got along very well with her daughter. However, he believes that he was not long with them because of "financial problems".

The Barnetts

Natalia told Dr. Phil that when she arrived at the home of Kristine and Michael Barnett, she was very happy. In fact, she even felt loved by the family.

However, so much happiness and love is over after Natalia's first surgery. According to her account, her adoptive parents began to question her about her age and began to point her out as a scammer, to want to kill them and to have an advanced menstrual cycle despite her 8 years.

"She has been with us for almost seven years. To this day she has had no menstrual period," said Cynthia Mans, the new adoptive mother.

Natalia tells that Kristine's accusations come as a surprise because she never told him anything about her alleged menstrual cycles or leaving blood in her underwear.

"She told me I had to use a tampon," says the minor. "When using it, I bled. And at that moment she told me that I had the menstrual period, the strange thing is that I never bleed again."

On the alleged attempts to attack the Barnett family, Natalia clarifies that even using a chair or a table could not reach the top of the refrigerator, so that Kristine said she left knives so that when she opened the fridge, they fell on the head of the family.

In her accusations, Kristine said that the minor often saw her, with a knife in her hand, while she slept. to which Natalia categorically denied: "Never. I was very scared of the night, so when we went to sleep, I did not leave my room," explains the girl.

Canada and the Mans

Dr. Phil asked the new family (Natalia, Cynthia and Anton Mans) about what the Barnett's future should be. For his part, the minor said that nobody wants him to be in jail, but they must answer for all the damage they committed: "I just want them to give up the whole farce, I don't want them to continue with this."

"I think they should pay for a while for what they did," said Anton Mans. "My hope is that this won't happen again to any other child." Cynthia emphatically said that they must be imprisoned and must pay for the damage as long as necessary.

On really why they adopted her, Anton clarified that: "I just want everyone to really know who Natalia is," says her new adoptive father. "She is a genuine, loving girl who had to live a horrible situation in her life."

Although Natalia feels that "her childhood was stolen", all these situations helped her to mature more quickly despite her young age and that, at 8, Kristine and Michael Barnett, with whom she lived in Indiana, They went to live in Canada without her.

"They simply said: 'We will get you an apartment and we will go to Canada,'" says the minor. "I didn't know what to say. At first I didn't know what was going on, until after it happened," he told Dr. Phil, who at the time was very confused and scared.

Cynthia also said that despite the first accusations of Natalia's adoptive family, she and her husband did not worry about bringing her home and never hesitated to allow her to relate to her other children: "We are supposed to help." This year marks almost 7 years that adopted.

The biological mother

The 40-year-old woman also denied in an interview that Natalia is an adult psycho who pretends to be a girl. Volodymyrivna told the British newspaper that he had to separate from his daughter on September 4, 2003 due to the minor disabilities of the minor.

"Daughter, forgive me for what happened 16 years ago. Visit me soon to see you," Gava tearfully told the DailyMailTV. "I really want to see her. I hope that when she turns 18 she comes to Ukraine and finds me. I would like to hug her and apologize."

According to Gava's statements, she had divorced Natalia's father before her birth. On the reasons why he abandoned his daughter, he explains that the doctors advised him to stay away from her: "I suffered … giving birth to her. The doctors showed her to me and immediately told me that she should not take me to the girl because she had a complex pathology, "says the woman. "She had small and short legs, small and short arms. She had no neck."

These mothers were convicted of murdering their children

This is what is known about the girl

Meanwhile, Natalia Barnett's adoptive parents, Kristine and Michael Barnett, have been accused of negligence for moving to Canada without her. Terrance Kinnard, Michael's defense attorney, has publicly acknowledged that Grace was not an adult, despite what she said in the recent interview with the 'Daily Mail'. On the contrary, he highlighted his client's version: "Natalia was a minor when we left her. Kristine asked her to say, if asked, that she was 22 years old," he said.

Michael and Kristine have declared under oath that they adopted Grace in Florida in 2010. According to the couple, the girl was 6 years old at the time.

The court documents indicate that the adoptive parents began to have problems with the girl after Elizabeth saw her naked and noticed that she had pubic hair: "I stayed in 'shock," he said. So they began to doubt Natalia's true age.

A paper presented at the IX Hispanic Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology reveals that the physical changes that Natalia was experiencing are normal due to her condition: or before the age of 7, along with great development and sexual maturation, both in the external and internal genitalia, "it reads.

Judicial records show that the Barnett were not satisfied with the doctor's version and, in 2012, another doctor conducted a skeletal survey and determined that the girl was probably 11 years old, one year older than previously thought.

The couple went to an Indiana inheritance court and legally changed Natalia's age to 22 years. Authorities have not yet explained how they were able to do it, but Kristine Barnett gave News 8 a copy of a letter allegedly authorized by Dr. Michael of IU Health that said the girl's age was "clearly inaccurate," since she was the teeth and sexual characteristics of an adult.

According to the mother's version, in 2012, Natalia had tried to throw her against an electrified fence, so she was admitted to a psychiatric unit.

The stepbrother and his future

After all the successes of Jake, in 2013 the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, located in the Canadian city of Waterloo, became interested in the young man and the family set about moving to study theoretical physics. However, Natalia was never in the plans.

According to the parents' affidavit, the Barnett rented an apartment in the city of Lafayette and left it there with the rent paid for a year. The change in age would have served to guarantee the young woman food stamps and access to psychiatric treatment.

Despite Jake's academic success, the marriage was not going well and, on February 3, 2014, Michael Barnett filed for a divorce petition against Kristine in Hamilton High Court, according to public documents.

At the time of opening the file, the husband had his home registered in the same family residence where the Barnett had raised their three children on the outskirts of Indianapolis. The woman was then living in New Hamburg, Ontario (25 kilometers from Waterloo) and the girl was still staying in Lafayette's apartment.

When the lease term was over, the girl was expelled from the house, according to witnesses. The center's director gave the alarm and that was when Tippecanoe County intervened and opened the judicial process that has rekindled the case. At the moment, the new date for the couple to go to court has not been confirmed. Both are free to pay a deposit of $ 5,000.

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