I Run To Defeat Donald Trump And Rebuild America: Michae

Michael Bloomberg officially announced this Sunday his candidacy for the presidency of the United States in the elections next year.

“I run for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America (USA). We cannot afford four more years of reckless and unethical actions by President Trump, ”said the former mayor in a statement released on his campaign website.

Last Thursday, Bloomberg presented to the Federal Election Commission the paperwork required to join the long list of Democratic candidates struggling to be elected by their ranks. The billionaire and former mayor of New York, 77, underlines in his letter of introduction that the current tenant of the White House "represents an existential threat" to the United States and its values.


“If he wins another term, we may never recover from the damage. The signals could not be greater. We must win these elections. And we must begin to rebuild America (USA). I believe that my unique condition with my experience in business, government and philanthropy will allow me to win and lead, ”the former mayor continued.

In addition, the statement emphasizes that Michael Bloomberg will not accept donations and that he will personally finance his campaign, "as he did the three times he successfully presented himself to the mayor" of New York, the note concludes.



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