“I Took My Baby With My Little Hands”: Anahí Tells Details Of Her Second Birth

The actress and singer became a mother for the second time last February 2 and shared some details of the moment she gave birth to little Emiliano.

January 2017 Anahí became a mother for the first time after the birth of Manuel, however, he wanted to reserve many details of what he lived during childbirth. But things have changed with the arrival of Emiliano, her second child, because this time the actress has been much more open to share her experience of being a mother.


Through a new episode of his podcast They are there, Anahí revealed several details of the birth of Emiliano, the new family member who was born on February 2.

Among the details she shared with her fans, was the fact that in full birth she helped bring the child into the world.

“He really came out very fast,” he said with his sister Marichelo Puente“The baby’s half body comes out … from the waist up and he tells me (the doctor) ‘Do you want to take your baby out?’. I didn’t even think about it.”

It was then that the interpreter went into action. “I took my baby with my little hands and put it in my arms, I tell you this and I can not explain the emotion that reminds me of that moment, I will never forget in my life,” he said very moved.

Once the child came into the world, she could have him up close and see him for the first time: “I put it in my arms, in my chest, obviously next to me the pediatrician, checked everything and said: ‘Quiet, your baby it’s perfect, I don’t have to take it from you, hug it. “

In the podcast, the 36-year-old artist related how in the middle of Super Bowl LIV she was going through strong contractions, even so, she resisted going to the hospital. In fact, she asked her husband to wait a little longer because she was about to start the part-time show starring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

“About half a show from Shakira and JLo, I get a contraction (which I said) ‘Manuel, I can’t, I can’t!’. In the tower, let’s go to the hospital!”, The former member of RBD.

With that strong pain, Anahí he managed to finish watching the presentation of the Latin stars at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami, but as soon as he finished, he had to hurry to the hospital.

His sister added that Anahí was “calm, perfect and very strong” when he was about to enter the operating room. Meanwhile, the actress repeated a kind of karma: “‘My baby wants to be born and is going to be born, I am ready for you, little boy, beautiful.'”