"I Wanted To Be With Him" Even Though He Had Sold Her As a Sex Slave At Age 13. He Couldn't Stand Anymore

"She was a great girl" and also "loved her dogs." She was barely 13 years old when she was sold to traffickers who used her as a sex slave.

His family says Letty Serrano had been kidnapped near his Marshall high school, north of Houston, in 2017.

On that occasion they were able to contact the police and detain the culprit, who was released a few days later.


Apparently, the child had some relationship with the man. While he was detained, he ran away from his home twice to be with him until he finally drugged her and took her to another place.

For the next two years she was sexually trafficked and everything became hell, even after being rescued.

He was 15 when he could return home, but he was no longer the same and decided to take his own life, Fox Houston reported.

"We recovered her damaged," said her grandmother Cynthia Rivera.

Mariano Serrano, her father, believes that the girl did not want to be far from the man who had trafficked her, but she also did not want to hurt her relatives. "She wanted to be with him," he said.

Serrano says the girl died in his arms. He had done his best to get her out of the bathroom, where he had locked himself up all morning, but when he succeeded it was too late.

Now her family seeks justice and ensures that the culprit of her death played with the vulnerability of the girl, described as "a good student with good grades, although a little lonely."

Her brother had just died and that was perhaps what made her "a perfect target," her father added.

Serrano says he wants to see the culprit in court. "I want to tell him that it is his fault that my daughter is dead," he added.

Jim Dale, from the Texas department, said he had made a request to reopen the case of Letty Serrano, who was asking the schools to take action and urging the city council to review and monitor the houses as they found the child .

In those houses the police had found "mattresses, bras for little girls and chemicals to mix drugs," he said.

In Houston there are thousands of victims of human trafficking and in Texas there are more than 300,000 thousand, according to Micah Gamboa, director of Elijah Rising, a foundation dedicated to ending sex trafficking.

The latest report on trafficking in persons from the United Nations Organization revealed that 70% are women and girls. In 2016, more than 25,000 victims of this scourge were identified.

Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revealed that several sites on the Internet that promised young women, especially students, to launch them into modeling were actually a smoke screen for a prostitution business.

To those who accepted, they were told that the videos they would record would be only for the use of private collectors or for sale abroad. Only a few months later, his first-time videos were on popular internet platforms such as Porn Hub or GirlsDoPorn.

The owners and two employees of the latter company – which earned about $ 17 million for amateur porn – now face charges of sex trafficking, according to a lawsuit cited by The Washington Post.

If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts, contact the suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

If you are a victim of traffic or suspect someone who may be, call the human trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888.


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