“I Would Like To Give You a Hug”! Chiquis Rivera Talked About The Tragedy Of Kobe Bryant

Chiquis Rivera has been through hard times in his life, one of the strongest he had to face was the death of his mother in a strange plane crash.

As one of the oldest in the family, Lorenzo Méndez’s wife he had to take charge of the procedures to fire his mother and at the same time comfort his brothers. Related News Upon hearing about the tragedy that ended the life of Kobe Briant and his 13-year-old daughter, Chiquis He relived the dark episode he lived to give Vanessa Briant condolences.

“I pray a lot for her daily. Not only did her husband leave, but also her daughter, it is a double and very strong pain, ”Rivera began. Later, the interpreter of“ Completely ”revealed that she wants to schedule a meeting with her:“ I would love to meet her and talk to her, but more than anything I would like to give her a hug, because although we go through something very similar, I can not imagine what she feels having lost her life partner and her daughter in that tragic accident, I hope one day I can give. ”


The Mexican singer also said she agreed with Vanessa’s decision to sue the helicopter company responsible for the aircraft with which the accident occurred.

It was difficult for the 34-year-old star to recover from the loss of Jenni Rivera, whom he continues to keep in mind in each of his work projects.



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