ICE Threatens To Transfer More Than 4,000 Immigrants Detained In California

California, United States.

The Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) warned the California authorities that it will transfer more than 4,000 immigrants detained in the Adelanto, Imperial, Mesa Verde and Otay Mesa prisons to other prisons following the signing of a law that ends the contracts with private prisons for undocumented immigrants that state.

“California residents would feel the impact and would be forced to travel long distances to visit friends and family in custody. This will not affect the number of individuals detained, "ICE said in a statement.


ICE said it has dozens of detention centers throughout the United States, including one in Louisiana that has a capacity for 7,500 beds. "This is almost double the total number of beds in California, which shows how adaptable our agency is," the entity added.

The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, last Friday signed Law AB 32 that will gradually eliminate the use of all private prisons for profit, including prisons and detention centers for migrants in the Golden State after January 1 of 2020.

The law will also prevent the state from keeping prisoners in prisons for profit after 2028.

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"During my inaugural address I promised to end private prisons, as they contribute to excessive incarceration, including those who imprison California inmates and those who detain immigrants and asylum seekers," the governor said in a statement.

"These prisons for profit do not reflect our values," he added of a measure approved by President Donald Trump to increase the numbers of migrant arrests with the intention of deporting them.

The two main private security companies in the country, GEO Group or CoreCivic, will be the most affected firms with the new measure, which had previously been approved by the California Legislature.



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