Ideas To Name Florida Highway And Airport After Trump Rejected

Miami – Councilors of Palm Beach County (Florida), where former President Donald Trump has resided since last Wednesday, reject ideas of naming an avenue and the local airport in honor of the Republican, who will face the second impeachment trial in February during his four-year term. years.

Commissioner (councilor) Melissa McKinlay noted on her Twitter account that she will not support the designation of “anything” bearing Trump’s name.

It specified that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) cannot erect markings “for honorary designations of highways or bridges unless the commission of the city or the affected county promulgates the resolution that supports the designation.”


“Let’s be very clear. I’m a woman. I am a mom. I support women. If you say that you can grab me, my daughters or any woman by their genitals because you are rich, I will not support naming anything in your honor, “said the commissioner in reference to comments by Trump in a video released during his campaign to The presidency.

Let’s be very clear. I am a woman. I am a Mom. I support women. If you say you can grab me or my daughters or any woman by her genitalia because you are rich, I am NOT going to support naming ANYTHING in your honor. I don’t give a damn who you are. Thanks. Have a good weekend.

– Melissa McKinlay (@VoteMcKinlay) January 23, 2021

Last Thursday, Republican Florida legislator Anthony Sabatini indicated that he was going to propose in the state Congress that US highway be named after Donald Trump, who is now based in his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach after leave the Presidency.

McKinlay stressed that the section in question, from the dividing line between the counties of Broward and Palm Beach to the one that separates it from Hendry County is in his district and will “not” support the placement of Trump signs.

On the other hand, the Sun Sentinel newspaper consulted the seven Palm Beach councilors, and five of them responded, noting that they oppose another idea suggested by a member of the Republican Party to rename the local international airport after the former president.

The Republican faces impeachment, the second of his term, for his responsibility in the assault on the Capitol on January 6, which left five dead.

The seizure of the Capitol was led by “Trumpistas” promoted by the then Republican president who has argued without evidence that the elections that gave President Joe Biden the winner were fraudulent.



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