If The Impeachment Fails, Can You Aspire To a Third Term Donald Trump?

Amid the burning debate generated by the impeachment process initiated by Congress Democrats against President Donald Trump, a curious idea has begun to circulate in social networks and WhatsApp groups until it becomes what we call, in these cyber times, viral.

“Did you know that Donald Trump could become the first president of the United States to run for a third term, and govern for 12 years instead of 8? If the Senate finds him not guilty, his first term would not count (based on a law signed in 1974 to protect Nixon before his resignation) and could consequently run in 2020 and 2024. ”

Little more, little less, so it reads in that fact that it has already taken shape in the form of posters, memes and texts reposted thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook.


But how true is there in this statement?

"Zero," Constitutional Law professor at the University of Tampa, Orlando Segovia, told CiberCuba today. "In fact I confess that I have seen it too, and I have laughed out loud both times that they have called me to consult me ​​for this totally wrong information."

According to the academic, it is a hoax without any support:

"There is nowhere to catch it, I can't even tell you that there is a real particle in this that Trump can aspire to a third term if he is declared innocent in the Senate," said Segovia, without hiding some fun in his words.

"The famous law created to protect Nixon would love to be referred to me, because I don't know it, and both my Ph.D. in Princeton and three of the ten books I have published in the United States address issues related to the Constitution," he added.

According to him, the first nonsense is to say that Donald Trump would be the first American president to govern more than two terms.

“Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt was not three, but four periods (although he could not complete his fourth term, he died a year after winning it). Roosevelt was in the White House from 1933 to 1945. In 1940 he decided to run for a third term, which he won, and then a fourth in 1944, which he also won. ”

According to national historiography, the Constitution of the United States of 1787 did not establish in its original text any restriction on the number of times a citizen can run for president, although a tradition initiated by George Washington was observed since the beginning of the country. President between 1789 and 1797, of not exceeding the two terms.

Only Ulysses Grant and Theodore Roosevelt tried – unsuccessfully – to obtain a third term in 1880 and 1912, before Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940.

“The experience of the four mandates of the latter generated such serious doubts as to the risk of enthrone any future dictator in power, that in 1947 a constitutional amendment was introduced to make the George Washington tradition law,” explains Professor Segovia .

"The process was completed in 1951, when the minimum of 36 ratifications was reached between the then 48 states of the Union, and since then the limitation to two presidential terms, whether consecutive or not, is in full force."

The academic told CiberCuba that it is worthwhile to make this very clear: “There is no constitutional verdict under any exceptional concept or circumstance whereby a president can make his first term not be counted. This country is not Bolivia. If Trump wanted to effectively exceed this limit, he should first repeal the 22nd amendment, an extraordinarily difficult variation and almost impossible to approve in such troubled times as these. ”

In fact, removing that 22 amendment was already attempted in 1956, nine years after its approval, and then between 1997 and 2003. It was always a resounding failure.

"If a president acquitted by the Senate could cancel his first term and run for two more times, based on this ghost law they refer, could you explain why Bill Clinton did not try? The world of internet is very funny," he said. teacher.

So the best way to define that claim that Trump can take advantage of a possible acquittal in the Senate to run twice more, is like a pure fake news, President Trump's favorite expression.



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