Iglesias Sees “unfair” Prison For The Jordis And Endorses Studying a Pardon

The second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has considered this Thursday “enormously unfair” that the ex-leader of the ANC Jordi Sànchez and the president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, are in jail, and has been in favor of studying the requests of I pardon them.


Asked in an interview in Catalunya Ràdio about the requests for freedom for Sànchez and Cuixart, sentenced to prison by the Supreme Court for their role in the ‘procés’, Iglesias has remarked that “they should not be in prison in any case”.

“I am going to defend not only the dialogue, but also to give an exit as soon as possible to something that seems enormously unfair to me. I am aware that they are in prison because the judges have decided so and that everyone must comply with the law even if you do not like a sentence or it seems unfair, “he said.

Faced with this situation, Iglesias has defended “exploring mechanisms that allow, within the framework of legality, to try to correct a situation that is unfair.”

If there are requests for pardons, he said, “they will have to be studied very carefully.”

Iglesias has sent “a hug to Jordi Cuixart and all the people who are imprisoned,” and has assured: “I do not want to see them in prison, I want to see them at a dialogue table, in the institutions, doing politics.”

Although he does not agree with them “on many things,” he said, “the good thing about democracies is that there are mechanisms so that disagreements can be expressed in a civilized and sensible way.”



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