Illegal Crossings On The Border With Mexico Fall By 50%

Washington – Illegal crossings have been reduced 50% after implementing the strictest policies to date on the border between the United States and Mexico due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite confusion about how they work, a government official from the US government said on Sunday. President Donald Trump.

Anyone caught illegally crossing the border will be immediately returned to Mexico or Canada, according to new order-based restrictions issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the afternoon Friday.

The borders remain open, according to Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, but only to facilitate trade. The United States maintains transactions for about $ 3,000 million daily with Mexico and Canada. Tourists and buyers were asked to stay home.


Wolf said this Sunday on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures program that the number of migrants who have entered illegally has plummeted, but that it was important to “keep supply chains open,” albeit in a careful and attentive manner. that limits “the introduction and spread of the virus.”

According to Mark Morgan, acting director of the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP), the CDC’s decision is applicable to all migrants.

“We are not going to stop them,” he said Saturday afternoon on Fox News. “We don’t know anything about you. They have no documents, we are not going to take them to our facilities and expose them to CBP personnel and the American people, as well as to immigrants. ”

But Mexican authorities have said they will only accept people from Mexico and Central America, and only those who were newly discovered, not those who were already detained. Later, officials stressed that they will not accept the elderly or minors back, and that they anticipate the return of about 100 people a day.

“If people who are not Mexican or Central American return to us, Mexico would not accept it; let the United States take care of that, ”said Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard on Friday.

Most of the people who cross the border come from Central America, but not all. For example, around 6,000 Brazilians and almost 1,200 Chinese arrived between January and February this year, according to CBP data.

But it is not clear enough what happens to those people. Morgan said migrants must be returned “expeditiously” to the country they came from.

The CDC issued a 30-day order prohibiting the illegal entry of anyone into the country, in part because migrants are detained in small spaces and there is insufficient staff or appropriate space to keep them at a safe distance or to examine them for diseases. In addition, immigrants suspected of having COVID-19 are sent to local hospitals, with the possibility of infecting other people, the CDC warned.

Meanwhile, on the Mexican side of the border, concerns are growing that the number of migrants stranded there will inevitably increase, while the shelters and shelters are already operating to their full capacity.

“We have 300 people in the hostel and we can’t take it anymore; It has been a week since the United States asks for people and if they do not ask, we are going to be overcrowded, ”said Héctor Joaquín Silva, director of the Senda de Reynosa shelter, on the other side of the border with McAllen.



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