I'm More American Than Donald Trump: Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria and chef José Andrés, both activists, went to the Senate today to defend the role of the Hispanic community, in particular, and immigration, in general, in the society and history of the country.

"We are not only Latin, but a huge and very diverse family. A boy from Colombia has nothing to do with one from Chile or Spain. This is the diversity that makes the United States great," said Andres paraphrasing the well-known campaign motto of the President, Donald Trump ("Make EU Big Again").

Precisely, Longoria dedicated part of his speech to highlight his Chicano roots, that is, of Mexican but American origin.


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"When someone tells me 'go to your country', I say 'oh, I am really in my country'. In fact, I am more American than our president," said the actress in the framework of the Latin Senate Summit, organized by The Democratic bench.

Longoria, born in Corpus Christi (Texas) and a specialist in Chicano studies, explained that her family has lived in the same place in the state of Texas since 1603, in an area that has been under the domain of six since that year. Flags: Spain, Mexico, France, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America and the United States.

Thus, she is a "ninth generation" American, since Texas became part of the US territory in 1845.

On the contrary, the first member of the Trump family who arrived in the United States was the president's grandfather, Frederick Trump, at the end of the 19th century.

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"When I think that even today there is a negative connotation for having a Mexican heritage, I don't want that for my son," Longoria defended against Trump's attacks on the Hispanic community.

Longoria, one of the founders of the Latino Victory organization, a progressive political action group that aims to increase the presence of Hispanics in public office, considered herself an "internal activist" in Hollywood.

"I am in Hollywood doing my thing and sometimes I think that the people of the media think that their work has nothing to do with politics and is absolutely related. I feel like an internal activist," said the actress about His political activism.

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"We don't want our community to only survive, but to succeed," he concluded.

In his speech, José Andrés thanked the efforts of the "dreamers" and the beneficiaries of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) who have worked in their restaurants, businesses and their World Central Kitchen organization.

Both activists were accompanied by a good number of Democratic senators, including the leader in the Upper House, Chuck Schumer, and others like Bob Menendez, Amy Klobuchar, Dick Durbin and Cahterine Cortez-Masto, among others.



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