Images Of The Film That Will Star Maluma And JLo- Channel 1

There is a lot of expectation that has been generated around Maluma's foray into Hollywood. The country will have the opportunity to debut as an actor and will do it next to the always talented Jennifer Lopez.

Maluma will be JLo's fiancé in the movie ‘Marry me’, who would have already started filming. Precisely, both artists used their social networks to share this first meeting on the set.

Although there are not many details, the Colombian will not spend very good times to the ‘Diva del Bronx’ during the film, since it will break his heart by being unfaithful.


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The release date is still unknown, but without a doubt it is another step in the ascending career of the '11 PM 'performer, who this year has already worked in collaboration with personalities such as Madonna and Ricky Martín, and has also shared stages with emblematic groups like Black Eyed Peas.