IMF: Alberto Fernández Relies On The Trump-Werner Axis To Negotiate

"All right with Trump." A high source of the next Government of Alberto Fernández assured yesterday that the noise caused last week between the Argentine and the US head of state by the Bolivian conflict did not generate alterations in the strategy for the future treatment of the country's external debt; and, especially, in the support that Donald Trump promised to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to the communications received from Washington, for now indirect and without open negotiations, the Bolivia issue did not interfere with the dialogue that the Argentine delegates have with the United States. Even from the IMF, they were transmitted to the future officials of the Government of Alberto Fernández that Trump's ambassadors in the organization have already announced that they are willing to support the negotiations that open the country, once he assumes the next administration. Local sources also affirmed that from the Trump administration it was understood that the declarations of the next president about the endorsement of the American to the coup and the new Bolivian government "are issues of sovereignty with which we will learn to live together", insisting also that "they do not influence in Trump's support of the country before the IMF. ”



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