Immediately! Donald Trump Enters Into Agricultural Products Contract With China

President Donald Trump announced that China has begun to buy “immediately” the agricultural products that were agreed within the new treaty that both countries arrived.

In some publications that the president of the United States has made in his social networks he affirmed that “my agreement with China is that they will immediately start buying very large quantities of our agricultural product, they will not wait until the agreement is signed in the next 3 or 4 weeks. THEY HAVE ALREADY BEGUN!

Donald Trump said that within the pact, the United States also had to yield and based on it the decision was made to keep tariffs at the same percentage, which are 25 percent and raise them to 30, as planned.


The president of the United States stressed that the relationship with China is very good so there was no need to fall into trouble with them.

“I agreed not to increase tariffs from 25 to 30% on October 15. The United States-China relationship is very good and you just have to end phase 1 of the treaty, focus on Phase 2 and end a great project, ”said Donald Trump.


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