Immigration In The Imagination Of Donald Trump

Immigration In The Imagination Of Donald Trump

– We shoot migrants in the legs when they are crossing the border.

– It would be illegal, sir.

– Then you have to put a pit full of snakes and alligators.


– In general, it would not be well seen.

– And how about electrifying the wall so that those who want to jump it are electrocuted?

– It would be a bit inhuman, sir.

– Paint all sections of the wall black so they absorb heat and migrants burn when touched.

– The cost per mile would increase by 1.5 million dollars, sir.

This display of imagination is from Donald Trump, according to Border Wars: inside Trump's assault on immigration, from The New York Times journalists, Michael Shear and Julie Davis.

He has more brilliant ideas against migration than all his advisors together. But he has said no, that the press has gone crazy, because he is tough, "but not so much."

The imagination could be of journalists, but Trump has a history, such as when he said soldiers should shoot migrants who throw stones, or that the US "should not receive immigrants from those shitty countries, but from Norway."

Or when he separated 4 thousand girls and boys from their parents, of which, despite the order of a judge, some 900 are still not reunified. Or when he suspended the DACA program, which protected 750 thousand undocumented youth. Or when he ordered mass raids, allegedly against criminal migrants, but ICE himself reports that only a third of those arrested in raids have a criminal record.

He ordered that the sponsors of those who have obtained residency or nationality pay for the health services their sponsors have received. He wants them to pay. Well, nothing but documentation is on paper, guarded in an underground facility in a cave area of ​​Kansas City. It is said that there are more than 20 million files and a million and a half more are added every year. But Trump has said he wants everything ready on November 3.

And now it is also against those who want to legally migrate to the US: either they show that they are insured or that they can pay for their medical services, or there is no visa for aspiring residents.

And he has been taking care of migrant children from nonprofits to entrust them to private contractors, one of whom already paid $ 300 million in 2019. He said, that “year after year thousands of Americans are killed by illegal aliens. . ”

It can be concluded that the measures that journalists attribute to Trump coincide with their xenophobic efforts.

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