Impeachment To Donald Trump | Democrats Want To Interrogate John Bolton In The Process Against The President Of The United States.

Washington. Democratic senators are proposing a several-week political trial to President Donald Trump in the Senate with the appearance of four new witnesses, including John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney, on the president’s actions toward Ukraine, according to a detailed outline released Sunday.

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Senate Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer proposed the structure for an "impartial and honest" trial in a letter addressed to the majority leader in the upper house, Mitch McConnell, in an attempt to start negotiations before the This week's vote in the House of Representatives, which is practically a fact that will result in the president being subjected to a political trial.

Trump faces two charges – abuse of authority and obstruction of Congress – for his attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden while Trump retained military aid for the European nation. Probably the lower house – where the Democrats are the majority – determines that the president must submit to a political trial, but is expected to be acquitted in a Senate trial, a Republican majority. McConnell has expressed a preference for a quick process.

“This trial must be impartial, that takes into account all the relevant facts, and exercises the‘ power of political judgment ’of the Senate in compliance with the Constitution with integrity and dignity,” Schumer wrote. "The trial must be one in which not only all the evidence is heard and a fair ruling is issued, but it must also pass the impartiality test before the American people."

Trump has expressed interest in an exhaustive trial that not only acquits him of Senate charges, but also vindicates him, but his desire for a lengthy process is something that Republican senators hope to avoid.

A spokesman for McConnell said Sunday that the two Senate leaders are expected to meet.

"The McConnell leader has made it clear that he plans to meet with the Schumer leader soon to determine the details of a trial," said McConnell spokesman Doug Andres. "That date has not changed."

It is anticipated that Schumer and McConnell discuss the details of the Senate trial, as did the Democrats and Republicans during the political trial of President Bill Clinton two decades ago.

In his letter, Schumer proposes a detailed structure and a schedule for the trial to begin on January 7, with the oath of Judge John Roberts, president of the Supreme Court, to oversee the process, and this will extend for several weeks while Democrats summon witnesses, specifically around Trump's decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine. On January 6, it would be dedicated to what Schumer calls "trial preparation measures."

Democrats want to hear Bolton, who at the time was Trump's security advisor, and who described the unofficial foreign policy coordinated by Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and others as a "drug sale" in which he did not want Get involved for nothing. Bolton left office in September.

They also wish the testimony of Mulvaney, interim chief of the White House who has acknowledged that military aid was withheld to Ukraine, as well as of two other presidential residence officials: Robert Blair, a senior assistant to Mulvaney, and Michael Duffey , budget officer responsible for addressing the issue of Ukraine.

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