Impeachment: Vladimir Putin Defended Donald Trump And Accused The Democrats

The Russian president considered that the crisis that shakes Washington was the "continuation of internal political struggles" Source: Archive

MOSCOW.- The Russian president,
Vladimir Putin, launched a fervent defense of his American pair,
Donald Trump, in a total alignment with the Republican leader for the "accusations totally invented" by the Democrats in the political trial that they promote in Congress.

"You raise the question as if the presidency of
Trump was finishing. Precisely, I'm not so sure about that, "Putin said during a press conference in response to the question about the
impeachment of an American journalist.


"It must still go to the Senate, where Republicans are the majority. And they are unlikely to want to remove a representative from their party based on fully invented accusations."

The Russian leader considered that the crisis that
Washington shakes is the "continuation of internal political struggles" in the United States, and brought out the scandal of Russiagate, the alleged intervention of Russian hackers in the 2016 presidential elections. The Russian government always claimed that they were falsehoods derived from fights domestic among the US leadership.

"The party that lost the elections, the Democratic Party, tries to achieve its objectives using other means and other tools and accusing Trump of conspiring with Russia. And when it is clear that it was not so then they invent the history of pressure against Ukraine," he said Putin

Relations between Russia and the West are in their worst state since the Cold War, and Western sanctions for the annexation of Crimea, in 2014, have contributed to the slowdown in the growth of the Russian economy.

But Trump's relations with the United States have been much better than those he has with European leaders. And far superior to tense disagreements between Moscow and the administration of former Democratic President Barack Obama.

It was that same closeness, with Trump as a candidate, that encouraged the suspicions – reaffirmed with denunciations and testimonies – of the collusion of the tycoon's campaign team with agents under the orders of the Kremlin to intervene in his favor in the elections he ended up winning.

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