In 12 Hours The Temperature Plummets Almost 40 Degrees In The Houston Area And a Warning Is Issued For Frost | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

The National Meteorological Service issued a freeze warning on Tuesday for Harris County, to which Houston belongs, and for several surrounding counties such as Wharton, Fort Bend, Jackson, Matagorda, Brazoria and Galveston.

The notice will be valid from today Tuesday at 9 pm until 9 am on Wednesday.


When the National Meteorological Service issues these types of warnings, it is because temperatures are going to be below freezing, that is, below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, air temperatures. In their latest newsletter they predict that the minimum temperature on Wednesday will be 27 degrees.

Sensation temperatures in the Houston metropolitan area during the morning are at 25 degrees, but in some rural towns southwest of the city, such as El Campo and La Granje, the cold is feeling at 21 and 22 degrees.

Rainfall is not expected on this day, but the forecast shows rain again on Thursday.

Local authorities are warning about health risks and ask residents to take precautionary measures to reduce exposure to these winter conditions. It is also urged to take actions to protect pets and plants.

Houston h as 60 community centers, 11 multi-service centers and 40 libraries open during business hours, Monday through Friday, for those who need shelter from the cold.

Recommendations to deal with the cold

Wear warm and layered clothing, including gloves, coat and hat or cap when outside.
 Never leave children or the elderly in vehicles when it is cold, as the temperature will feel as if they were in a refrigerator.
 Never use a generator, grill, camp stove or any gasoline, propane, natural gas or coal device to heat your home or enclosed spaces.
 These devices can generate carbon monoxide, which cannot be seen or smell and can be fatal.
 Watch for your family, friends and neighbors who do not have heating.

Protect your pets and plants:

Make sure they have a warm and safe place to sleep.
 Avoid shaving dogs during winter.
 Never leave your animal in a car during cold days. Temperatures inside vehicles can freeze pets to death.
 For more tips on cold weather for pets visit the ASPCA page.
 To protect the plants, cover them with a light blanket or with plastic sheets.
 The soil in the pots can cool as much as the air temperature and cause the roots to freeze, even if the surface leaves survive.
 If possible, place the plants indoors.

Home protection

The pipes could freeze and break causing water leaks and damage.
 It is recommended that you open the cabinets under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow the heater air to extend to that area.
 Protect exterior wrenches and pipes with insulation or newspaper and be sure to disconnect and drain the hoses from outside faucets.
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