In a Very Good Mood, Silvia Pinal Leaves The Hospital

The actress was hospitalized the last four days due to an infection in the bladder.

After being hospitalized for four days due to a bladder infection, a few minutes ago Silvia Pinal He left the hospital.


The actress was captured by various media who were waiting for her outside the hospital located in the Pedregal area and on her way out the diva of the golden age of Mexican cinema said she was going home to eat a taco de chicharrón.

“I was worried waiting for the results, but when I saw the results and I saw that it was very good, I calmed down and thank God I’m going to work again and now,” said the actress.

The 88-year-old actress shared that she will have to follow certain recommendations of the doctors: “Well, I have to take care of myself a little more, I have to be very careful, I have to follow a more rigorous diet, I have to behave better,” he pointed.

“I feel very good because God blessed I am healthy and there is nothing more to claim or anything else to add. When they want me to give them a news or whatever they want or a question they can do it because I already have the time and the pleasure to attend them, ”he said Pinal before the media

Mom’s Alejandra Guzmán and Sylvia Pasquel He declared that he already feels ready to return to work and in the next few days he will contact the producer Carla Estrada, who invited her to work on her new production, the singer’s biographical series Gloria Trevi.

“I’m going to get in touch with Carla to see what she has and see if I can do something with her or with two or three other producers because I’m interested in going back to work,” he concluded.