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They carefully approach the windows of the store to observe the equipment that is already on display. They comment among themselves, because the novelty always attracts attention. "My sister wants to buy that split, the $ 361 one," says one lady. "I would like it too, if I had the money," replies his partner.

Little by little more people join the debate, right on the portal of the commercial unit of the Caribe Nella chain of stores in Old Havana. "I think this Monday is going to be" good ", there are few stores and the amount of people who already have a dollar account is too much to fit in these spaces," says a man of around 70 years old.

Between multiple questions and a majority acceptance by the population, the sale of household appliances, parts and pieces of cars and other merchandise in convertible currencies will begin on Monday in 13 commercial establishments in the country (12 in Havana and one in Santiago de Cuba) . They will only allow payment by magnetic cards backed by freely convertible currencies (MLC).


With this action – and also with the authorization of the accounts established to natural persons by means of magnetic cards, for a few days in the Metropolitan, Popular Savings and Credit and Commerce banks -, the measures announced recently have been complied with. the Round Table that will allow to import non-commercial products and the purchase of these in stores of the retail network.

As reported by the managers of the chain stores, the new network will be made up of 77 retail stores in the country, although in this first stage it is planned to open eight units dedicated to the marketing of electronics and household appliances, and another five dedicated to the automotive sector. For the second period it will be extended to the rest of Havana and the other provinces.

In a tour of some centers of the Caribbean chain of stores, Juventud Rebelde was able to verify the previous effort that the workers have made to begin a new stage as of this Monday. "We have all the human and technological resources to provide a quality service in our establishments," said Amilkar Odelín Ante, commercial director of the chain, which will begin with six establishments from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. at 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 9:30 a.m. at 2:00 p.m.

Constant supply?

Several people observe the assembly of the new products in the shops. Photo: David Gómez Ávila

Among the first appliances that will be on sale are split, freezer, large format televisions, high-end refrigerators and capacity, automatic washing machines, ovens, sandwich makers, microwaves and other small kitchen appliances. Electric motorcycles, batteries, tires and accessories, motorcycle units and combustion engines will be offered within the automotive industry. Maintaining availability in all establishments is one of the main challenges.

Gema Dávila, a neighbor of the municipality of Playa, is one of the potential buyers of this new modality. "I am very happy because I no longer have to wait until they bring me the TV" from outside ", but I am worried that with the huge queues I will not be able to reach the one that interests me, and have to decide for another one at a higher price," he reflects The young woman

In relation to this type of concern, great efforts have been made to guarantee the supplies of the goods in each of the stores, so that the assortment will gradually increase, explained Bella Aurora Milanés, head of the Sales Group of the Caribbean store Marketing Department.

"We have designed a set of actions that will allow us to have a differentiated distribution channel, which will guarantee a more stable replenishment of these points of sale and will take into account the orders made by the stores avoiding unnecessary overcrowding," he added.

However, the client may not find the equipment he wants at the time of his visit to our unit. To do this, some lists will be enabled in which the person can, if they wish, inform their order and leave their contact information, and as soon as this merchandise is available, they will be contacted, said the specialist.

Adjusting prices

The prices are established in correspondence with the quality and performance of the products, after-sales services and guarantee; as well as import conditions and / or production costs.

Store chains, based on the power granted by the Ministry of Finance and Prices, are responsible for forming sales prices, which have been designed to reduce the distribution margin to cover up to 50 percent. logistic costs and expenses, that is, the marketing process must be carried out more efficiently.

The prices are not fixed and take into account the prices of the international market and those of the region. In addition, its monitoring is maintained, which includes not only the control to prevent violations, but the study of its behavior, based on production and import costs, in order to guarantee its updating and increasingly competitive offers.

Card in hand

Workers of the Caribbean chain of stores enable the units that will open this Monday. Photo: David Gómez Ávila

Since last 15, the Metropolitan, Popular Savings and Credit and Commerce banks began enabling accounts with MLC support to natural persons through magnetic cards. This is the first step in the implementation of the new economic measures to prevent currency leakage.

There have been a large number of Cubans who have opened their accounts. For example, executives of the Metropolitan Bank confirmed that, until the end of this week about 10,000 people had gone to their 93 branches to open accounts, and about 13 percent had made cash deposits.

«We reiterate that the payment will only be on Visa, Mastercard, Ais and those belonging to the network of the mentioned banks. It is essential to present the identification (either identity card or passport) together with the magnetic card to make the purchase, ”said Dayner Valdés Frigola, principal appliance specialist of the Caribbean chain of stores.

Currently, there is a new POS system supported by IP addresses, which will quickly facilitate the service, as well as an assurance in the connectivity in the cash registers, the directive said.

He also commented that for the first days of sale, work teams have been organized in each of the units involved, which will continue to monitor and support the sales processes, in order to enable the customer's shopping experience.

Regarding the preparation of the personnel, Amilkar Odelín Ante, commercial director of the chain, specified that all the sellers of household appliances are qualified for the sale of these products, since during the course of this week a training was carried out in Havana and in Santiago de Cuba with the aim of providing them with more information that allows them to provide a service of excellence and to clarify doubts of our clients.

Another of the ways we keep for sale is that of virtual stores, in which case the purchase is made from outside the country. Today we have a total of ten throughout the country, and will begin with the 3rd. and 70 in Havana (, said Valdés Frigola.

A guarantee, an advantage

For both the equipment acquired in the physical and virtual stores, the commercial guarantee is maintained, considering the deadlines that are currently established for this purpose and according to the types of products, which means a great opportunity for customers.

For this, it is essential that at the time of the acquisition, the person correctly completes the documentation that will be provided, and carefully read the terms and conditions of the purchase. In case of any failure, you should immediately contact the store or the nearest workshop, report the difficulty and allow the team to review the equipment.

Luis Alberto Carrillo Arrugueta, director of the guarantee workshops in Havana of the Caribbean chain of stores, said they have a highly trained staff and a level of spare parts for the repair of products that need it.

When it is detected what the problem with the equipment is replaced – if necessary – one piece by another. In these new technologies, parts with defects are not repaired, but new products are used. Another solution could be the exchange of the equipment for a new one, and ultimately, if there is no alternative, the amount is returned to the magnetic card, never in cash, he explained.

The chain currently has three warranty service workshops in the province. It should be noted that the service can be performed in the workshops of any of the provinces even if it was not where the good was acquired.

Home service is also provided for the white line (refrigerators, freezer, automatic washing machines and split), but not for small appliances and motorcycles. A call center for this purpose was created for Havana with the phones 7864-4414, 7864-4427 and 7864-4423.

In line with the level of preparation of the technicians and the analyzes performed on the behavior of failures in these equipment, we consider that we can solve the failures presented within seven days, said Carrillo Arrugueta.

While the equipment is in the current warranty period, these services will be totally free. In case of expiration, the workshops also provide post-warranty services to all equipment, not only to those acquired in these stores. The customer can also access the purchase of parts in these establishments, as well as request the labor service when they have the necessary part to fix their appliance.

Sale at cuc

There is a price reduction in CUC for a group of products similar to those that will be sold in freely convertible currency. Photo: David Gómez Ávila

Denis Jiménez, resident in the municipality of Centro Habana, wants a 32-inch television because he lives in a very small apartment, and this purchase is more friendly to his pocket. For people like him there will also be new offers, since the price reduction of some products of the so-called economic line in the network of stores in CUC was also arranged.

These price reductions range between 10 and 15 percent, said Bella Aurora Milanés, head of the Sales Group.

In the case of equipment that will be subject to price reductions in the network in CUC, such as semi-automatic washing machines, 32-inch televisions and refrigerators up to 11 feet, the corresponding circulars have already been issued so that as of October 28 itself , are applied in each of the stores where they were already sold, he said.

The commercialization of products in CUC that guarantee food cooking, energy saving, digital television and demographic dynamics programs will also be maintained.

For Cubans this Monday will mark the beginning of a new stage. As assured by Salvador Valdés Mesa, Vice President of the Republic, it will be “a gradual and orderly process, which will demand an intense training program for store chain personnel and all the institutions involved, so that a quality service is provided as the people deserve ».

Although it is true that a large part of the town does not have the resources to acquire this type of equipment, it will be able to respond to the demand of a certain sector of the population with the acquisition – within the national territory – of quality products with competitive prices . This necessarily requires the provision of an agile and efficient service, and the guarantee of a stable offer.

Get to know the enabled stores

In the Habana:

For electronics services:

Focsa Revolution Square
Panasonic Revolution Square
Walk galleries. Revolution Square
Third and 70. Beach
Panorama. Beach
Nella Old Havana
Colorama Beach

For automotive services

Servicentro El Tángana. Revolution Square
5th and 112. Beach
Multibrand Agency. Lisa
Peugeot Agency Hill
23 and C. Revolution Square

In Santiago de Cuba

The Squad Municipality of Santiago de Cuba

Contact phones …

—Ministry of Foreign Trade

Telephones: 7867 0020, 7867 0129, 7868 3536 and 7868 3549; and emails: [email protected]; [email protected]


Unique number: 8000 0724; and mail: [email protected] .. In addition, the website: and institutional profile of Cimex on Facebook. For aspects related to Fincimex (POS and magnetic card), the number 7835 6444 is maintained.

—Caribbean stores

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