In Houston, a Coronavirus Vaccine Is Being Developed – Telemundo Houston

HOUSTON, TEXAS – The medical research industry in the city is one of the most reputed in the world. Houston is recognized for having the best treatment and study centers for diseases in areas such as cancer and the heart.

With the
eyes of the scientific community on COVID-19, better known as
coronavirus, a Houston area research center advances the
development of a possible vaccine against this germ that the world has against

The experiment will be carried out at the Baylor College of Medicine Vaccine Development Center where the SARS vaccine, the deadly virus that left 774 deaths in 2003, was developed a few years ago.


According to
Doctor of Honduran origin María Elena Botazzi -who is behind this project-
COVID-19 is 80% similar to the SARS virus, so they have
positive expectations about the vaccine finding for this new virus that
It has already killed more than 2,400 people in the world.

Botazzi says that such a vaccine could take about two years before
if put into circulation, given the requirements for testing and approval.

The first
step, in case of developing the vaccine, it will be to test it in a strain of
coronavirus that exists at the University of Texas at Galveston to see if it gives
The expected fruits.



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