In Spain The "fake News" Are Not False News, They Are The Distorted Reality – Politics

In Spain The "fake News" Are Not False News, They Are The Distorted Reality – Politics

We live in a country where justice is so slow and guarantee that during the ten, twelve or fourteen years that it takes a cause to have a final sentence already exhausted the multiple resources, we run out of resentment, hatred and even thirst for revenge. Not making hot decisions does not imply making them frozen but the worst thing is that during that long period we will attend an infinite number of parallel trials of social gatherings, press, radios and televisions but above all professional campaigns on social networks where interested people will deform and invent news and data to shake wills.

This control of social networks, skillfully combined with fake news and well-trained groups of activists, is causing changes in the world that cause agitation and place a control on the razor's edge that can end up uncontrolled. It is a return to the past, to the time of the cold war where battles were taking place between secret half-world services, especially the USSR led by Russia, and the United States. The Russian KGB with the support of the German Stasi and other countries they called satellites, and the US CIA changed governments, promoted coups, and killed very discreetly. It seems that those times have returned from the hand of Putin and reappeared Russian spies killed in London, and street raids in countries such as Chile, Bolivia or France with motivations attributed to the price of metro ticket or diesel, something difficult to believe. The world is agitated and even Trump, a president of the United States, seems to have achieved his position with help from Russia and Ukraine, but the most serious thing is the creation of a current of opinion that apparently led to the yes in the referendum of Brexit, the same thing that happened in the illegal referendum of the 1-O in Catalonia or is happening now with the street agitation of the CDR and the Tsunami. The Russian intervention in our elections has not yet been talked about but it does confirm that they intervened in the USA, in the United Kingdom, in France with the only objective to create a weak world in the style described in The Protocol of the Wise of Zion to break the European Union and its relations with the United States, that is, to damage international trade, it would not be strange that the creation of the so-called Frankestein Government is a desire of those who stirred up Catalonia. Research is already under way and evidence of the presence of Russian spies appears trying to handle the situation. During our Civil War, what they created was chaos, back-up killings, and a revolution that succeeded in harming the Republic.

Spain is giving it its personal touch at the domestic level. Cases like the EREs, the Training Courses, or the Faffe, and also the Gürtel and other similar ones like 3% of the CiU of Pujol in Catalonia, do not give light to history but with biased information the reality is deformed to defend or attack partisan interests. In this environment you can lie with impunity and not even our President hides to deceive us because according to his ministers the person of the campaigns and that of the government are not the same. Meanwhile, this is totally true, every time they prohibit us from speaking Spanish in more places, having presence of law enforcement, they removed Judge Alaya from the EREs case, who lifted the carpet that covered the sewers, or told us that the Pension Fund is empty when non-contributory pensions worldwide charge against the State Budget by cutting other expenses such as the political bubble that Citizens wanted to click and nobody supported (we have 265 senators and US 100 with about 300 million citizens) .


Everything is based on "fake news" that baffle us and even prevent us from talking with family or friends because as they continue as a source of information TVE, La Sexta, TV3, El País or La Razón, for example, we will start from very different realities. This is not easily fixed and less by adding new lies. Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias know perfectly well that those promises that include changing organic laws or amending the Constitution require a qualified majority unattainable without the PP. Sanchez says that Spain needs a progressive government and it is true only that today that is not historically associated with the left. The country that progresses most is the USA (liberal-conservative), Germany (Conservative) or France (liberal center), although it must be recognized that in the past there was significant social progress associated with social democracy, which was not Marxist (in the EU there is no government with communists or populists).

All Spain today agrees on the need for changes and for resolving the serious problems posed, not those of 2050 but those of 2020, and that is why almost 70% according to the surveys want a constitutional majority government like the one they would form PSOE-Cs-PP and it is sad that the fact that the Government has one color or another depends on the jailed by Oriol Junqueras sedition or the escaped Puigdemont. @world



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