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In The Middle Of The Coronavirus Crisis, Katy Perry Shows Off Her Pregnancy In California

Despite the quarantine, the singer was caught shopping at a California convenience store.

Still in the middle of the pandemic due to covid-19 , Katy Petry (who is almost seven months pregnant) permission is given to go outside and make her life, to a certain extent normal.

The pop star, who is engaged to the British actor Orlando Bloom, She has just been caught in a convenience store inside a California gas station where she went without her famous boyfriend.

For this lightning journey, Katy

She wanted to go unnoticed, so she chose gray leggings, a sweatshirt (whose hood she was wearing), sandals and sunglasses that, however, could not completely hide her identity.

According to the Grosby agency, the interpreter of Roar he had to wait five minutes in a row to pay for his products. On his way out he talked for a few moments with a group of boys who were outside the premises eating potatoes and fixing a bicycle.

It was striking that during this fleeting departure, Katy Perry she decided not to wear her engagement ring, perhaps precisely because she didn’t want anyone to recognize her.

As far as is known, his wedding plans with Orlando Bloom still stand. In fact, a few days ago, the couple could meet after being separated for several days due to the lack of flights due to the coronavirus.

The fiance of Katy she was in Prague filming a movie while the singer was in Australia. Finally, after several efforts and amid many precautionary measures to avoid possible contagion, the couple was able to meet again in the United States, where they live.

It is believed that the plan to get married in the summer may not be carried out due to the pandemic that is plaguing the entire planet, so the couple is looking at what other time, perhaps at the end of the year, they can finally become husband and wife.

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