In The Midst Of a Coronavirus Crisis, Georgina Rodríguez Is Caught Shopping

While almost all of Europe remains at home, the model broke the quarantine.

Despite the fact that the first case of coronavirus was confirmed a week ago, within the Juventus club in Turin, where Cristiano Ronaldo works as a forward , it seems that the footballer and his partner, Georgina Rodríguez things are taken very calmly.


While more than 2,000 people They have died from the Covid-19 in Italy, the footballer and the model enjoy the luxurious pool that they have in their residence, during these days of quarantine. But that is not the most surprising thing, rather, the model of Argentine origin ignored the recommendations of the authorities to avoid more infections and went shopping.

While on their social networks Georgina She promotes #yomequedoencasa so that people stop leaving their homes to avoid the spread of the virus, the reality of the model is different. And it is that, it was caught by a group of paparazzi in a clothing store and not in a self-service store buying essential items.

But this is not the first time that the model has put her lifestyle before her, a week ago Georgina He shared a photograph, where he appeared wearing a millionaire look, while leaving Turin aboard a private jet. In the image you can see him wearing a look composed of gray cotton pants, which he combined with a pair of signature pink socks Balenciaga, totally white sneakers of Reebok and a pair of fancy bags.

Cristiano, Georgina and their four children They have been in Madeira since March 9, when the striker’s mother suffered a stroke. It is worth mentioning that, although not found in Italy, in Portugal there have been close to 500 cases and two deaths.

As to Christian, the footballer published a message on his social networks, where he called on his followers to follow the recommendations of the authorities, he also emphasized that it was important to protect lives above any other interest.

“The world is going through a difficult time and demands the utmost care and attention from everyone. Today I am not speaking to you as a footballer, but as a son, as a father, as a human being aware of the latest events that are affecting the world” wrote the forward.