In The Midst Of a Government Crisis In Italy, Pedro Sánchez Supports Mario Draghi Because Europe “needs Leaders” Like Him

A few hours before a crucial vote in Parliament that could end again in the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, praised his role in the European Union on Tuesday.

The decline of Rome: resigned neighbors between fires, garbage and a plant that can bring down the Government

The decline of Rome: resigned neighbors between fires, garbage and a plant that can bring down the Government


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“Europe needs leaders like Mario,” says Sánchez in an opinion article published this Tuesday by the European edition of the American media Politicalin which he highlights that the ideas of the Italian Prime Minister have been key to facing the challenges with which the continent has dealt.

Draghi will deliver a speech this Wednesday in the Italian Parliament in which he will confirm or not his decision to resign, given the support of civil and political society for him to continue as head of the Government after losing one of his main government partners, the Movement 5 Stars (M5S).

“His intelligent, creative and constructive reflections always contribute to us achieving good results in a good atmosphere of consensus, which is so necessary in these times of crisis”, maintains the President of the Spanish Executive, who met Draghi when the Italian was President of the Central Bank European.

In that role, Draghi played a “key role in defending the euro, when he managed to calm the markets by announcing that he would do ‘whatever it takes’ to contain the crisis, confidently stating that it would be enough. And it was”, highlights Sánchez.

Sánchez recognizes the “privilege” that sharing many long sessions of the European Council has meant for him and stresses that “the role of Italy, one of the largest countries in the European Union, has been crucial” in the crises that the EU faces .

“Since 2020, Europe has been facing extraordinary challenges: first, a once-in-a-century pandemic, and now, a war on European soil, which we all imagined unthinkable. And in the face of both, we can proudly declare that we Europeans have risen to the occasion”, assures Sánchez.

“Italy and Spain have led the way”

The President of the Spanish Government recalls that Draghi is applying the Italian recovery plan, which, like the Spanish plan, must “deeply transform and modernize” the economies of both countries with “this common debt instrument to facilitate a solid recovery from the serious crisis socioeconomic caused by the pandemic.

Both Madrid and Rome were among the first European governments to promote this tool in the first months of the pandemic, when the opposition of the most austere countries made it unthinkable that it would go ahead.

“How the plan is implemented in Italy and Spain will determine the overall success of NextGenerationEU, as we are the member countries that will receive the most funding. Mario Draghi and I are aware of this, as are our nations”, writes Sánchez in an article in which he also highlights that Draghi’s Europeanism with his support for the joint purchase of vaccines and the approval of the EU Digital Covid Certificate .

And now, Sánchez highlights the new challenge posed to the EU by “the increase in energy prices, the instability of supply and, in more general terms, the increase in inflation caused by the war of Russian President Vladimir Putin, against Ukraine.

In this context, according to the Spanish socialist, “Italy and Spain have led the way, presenting proposals, such as the joint purchase of gas and a cap on the price of gas.” In the face of the war and its consequences, “the EU must continue to advance on the path of recovery and transformation towards the green and digital transitions, maintaining social cohesion”.

“This is the path that the governments of Spain and Italy are following. And we must continue to do so, showing determination and unity among the 27, just as Mario Draghi has done so far”, concludes the head of the Spanish Government.



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