In The Midst Of Their Clashes, Yadhira Offers To Help Leti Calderón

Juan Collado’s wife affirms once again that she is willing to financially support her husband’s ex.

This week Leticia Calderón He announced that he will sell the apartment he has in Acapulco to pay the tuition fees of his two children Luciano and Carlo, because the father of his children, the lawyer Juan Collado, is in prison and cannot take care of the expenses.


“I am selling my apartment in Acapulco, more out of necessity than for pleasure, because we really like to go, but it is an expense that I can’t afford right now and yet it can help me pay the cost of schools in children and have a mattress because we do not know what will happen, ”were the statements made by the actress to the media.

Even if Yadhira Carrillo, the current wife of Collado She declared a few weeks ago, that if she needs it, she can support her to cover the expenses.

“Whenever I see her, I hug her. I say: ‘How are you? Your children are beautiful, you are a beautiful mom, I admire you, I congratulate you, if you need anything you can count on us. Always, my house is your house, you count on me. I have done it many times and I will continue doing it all my life because that is me, ”said the actress to Selling


Before these statements, Leticia Calderón He denies that his ex-wife has offered him help directly.

“He has never told me personally, if he has told me to say, because the message has not arrived,” he said. Leticia Calderón who added that in the end, who should pay the expenses of Luciano Y Carlo it is Juan Collado And not his wife.

“It is a responsibility of Juan,” said the actress, who by the way, has always made it clear that for years she has prepared for any economic eventuality that presents itself just so as not to affect her children.

“I have always saved, all my life, I have always worked and I am not really a Gastalona woman. I swear, I have always saved for my children and look that time has come to take out my savings, ”he told several media during the presentation of the soap opera Empire of lies.