In The Sweet Wait! Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Will Become Parents For The First Time

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have confirmed the best possible news as a couple. Both have surprised all their fans with the most anticipated information by all.

Sophie has been with Joe since 2016 and it was in 2019 that they got married. Everything is going in the best way for them and now they are in the sweet wait of their first child.Turner She is one of the most beautiful and talented British actresses today. His participation in the Game Of Thrones series opened the doors of the world.

The love that began four years ago is transformed into his first child. Now the English woman takes the next step to form her family with the arrival of this baby.According to several news media in the United States, the news is practically official. Although neither Joe nor the actress

They have said nothing so far.


And is that the couple tries to keep it a secret as long as possible. But the friends and family of the British are very happy and happy about the event.

In fact, the star has been seen in clothing stores looking for dresses and costumes for the Oscar ceremony as her belly begins to be noticed.