Increase Number Of Vietnamese That Could Be Among Dead Migrants In Essex

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Oct 27 (EFE) .- At least 14 Vietnamese families have reported missing relatives and suspect they may be among the 39 migrants found dead last Wednesday in a truck in Essex, in eastern England .

Nine cases of disappearance have been reported in Ha Tinh province and five other cases in Nghe An, both in the center of the country, and have sent photographs for possible identification, the Vietnamese newspaper 'Thanh Mien' reported Sunday.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, in a statement on Saturday, ordered an investigation into the possible presence of Vietnamese among the victims and promised to act severely against human trafficking networks.


The provinces of Ha Tinh and Nghe An have a high percentage of rural population and less development than other parts of Vietnam, so many of their young people try to emigrate to Europe in search of opportunities.

With 100 million inhabitants and a gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 7.08% in 2018, Vietnam has made great progress in eradicating poverty, but problems such as child malnutrition and inequality still persist, especially in areas rural.

According to the 'Mapping vulnerabilities of victims of trafficking from Vietnam to Europe' report, Vietnamese emigrants pay between 10,000 and 40,000 dollars (between 9,000 and 36,000 euros) to human traffickers for the trip to Europe.

The 39 bodies, including 31 men and 8 women, were found on October 23 inside a refrigerated truck driven by a 25-year-old Norwegian identified as Mo Robinson, who has been charged with 39 counts of homicide and human trafficking, Among other crimes.

The police initially informed that all the victims found in the truck were of Chinese nationality, but later admitted that the data on the identification of the bodies are 'evolving'.

The Vietnam Embassy in the United Kingdom has contacted the police to express their fears that there have been deaths from that country among the dead found inside the truck.

In Poland, customs agents stopped a trailer truck on Friday, hiding ten Vietnamese immigrants, a woman and nine men all in good health, traveling irregularly.

The vehicle, which was intercepted at the height of the town of Budzisko, near the Lithuanian border, was driven by a 44-year-old Polish citizen carrying a load of wood. EFE