Increase to 21 the number of deaths from coronavirus in the United States

Increase To 21 The Number Of Deaths From Coronavirus In The United States

Miami – The death toll from the coronavirus in the US rose to 21, after the authorities of King County, in the state of Washington, reported on Sunday 17 dead, which brings to 18 the total number of deaths in this state and 21 the total across the country, with two in Florida and one in California.

In this county, cases increased to 83, which increases the figure in this state of the northwest of the country to 115.

The two new deaths were patients from the LifeCare Center, asylum linked to the vast majority of deaths in this state, and that had to be transported to a local hospital.


The state governor, Jay Inslee, said today in an interview with the CBS network that they contemplate mandatory measures to control the spread of the virus, which includes the restriction of massive events or “social activities.”

About 500 infections in the country

Across the country, the cases amount to more than 460 according to national media such as The New York Times, which in addition to the figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which reflect 213 cases, account for government data state and local, as is the case of Connecticut, which today reported its first contagion.

The state of Oregon decreed on Sunday the state of emergency in the face of the 7 new cases registered on Saturday, and that raise the total to 14 infected by Covid-19, as state governor Kate Brown reported.

The cases in New York State have already reached 105, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today, who asked the Federal Government to authorize private laboratories to conduct analyzes to increase the coronavirus detection capacity.

All new cases were detected in Westchester County, which borders the city of New York to the north, and where the largest focus of the state is affected.



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