Increased to 25 dead by tornadoes in Tennessee

Increased To 25 Dead By Tornadoes In Tennessee

Atlanta – The state of Tennessee was shaken on Tuesday by the passage of tornadoes that have left at least 25 people dead, several missing and an unspecified number of injured, in addition to severely damaged houses and buildings including downtown Nashville, the state capital.

The seriousness of the situation due to storms and tornadoes, which in Nashville alone has destroyed at least 40 structures, including homes and commercial buildings, has led the state governor, Republican Bill Lee, to declare a state of emergency and open at least Four shelters

According to the most recent accounting of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), of the total of 25 deceased 16 have been registered in Putnam County, east of the capital, while in Wilson have been reported 3 deaths.


The authorities of Davidson County, where the state capital is based, reported two deaths, while Benton died, in what is one of the most powerful disasters that has impacted in this southeastern state of the country and comparable to exactly one year ago it was registered in the neighboring state of Alabama.

The governor, who has traveled and visited several affected areas, has already contacted the White House to report on the situation and expedite the sending of aid to begin rebuilding the devastated area.

President Donald Trump announced today that he will visit this state to see firsthand the seriousness of the damage caused by these “devastating tornadoes,” which began registering shortly after midnight.

More than 73,000 homes and buildings have run out of energy in Davidson, Wilson, Putnam and Jackson counties, according to TEMA, because of storms and tornadoes, which have also caused damage to roads, bridges and electric poles.

Nashville, the birthplace of country music, has been one of the most affected and in the daylight the destruction of buildings and homes was visible, while images of local media show rubble and downed poles also in the city center.

Authorities the capital of Tennessee have urged the population to remain at home while assessing the damage, while “non-essential” public buildings and numerous schools in the region will remain closed.

Although the main airport, the Nashville International Airport, is operational, the John C. Tune airport in West Nashville said it has suffered significant damage and several hangars have been destroyed, although without personal injury.

The mayor of Nashville, John Cooper, described the damage in the city as “significant” and noted that the injured have been taken to hospitals. Although he did not give details on the number of victims, local media estimate that at least 150 people have had to be hospitalized.

“Nashville is injured, and our community has been devastated,” said the mayor.

In Tennessee, primary elections are held on Tuesday, in what is known as the super Tuesday, and several voting sites have been affected or have had to open later than planned, authorities said, seeking to move voters to others. places to exercise your right.

Meteorologists of the specialized website AccuWeather have highlighted that this year’s tornado season in the country has had “an unusually rapid start”, with 141 preliminary reports of tornadoes during the first two months, more than double the average of 68 that has been tabulated between 1991 and 2015.

They added that if that total is confirmed it would constitute “the fourth highest number of tornadoes in the first two months (of the year) since 1950”.



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