Incredible Transformation Of Latino Man, Lose 475 Pounds Of Weight And Save His Life

It wasn't until he was told that his health was really at risk that he decided to change his lifestyle

At 651 pounds, Carlos Orosco didn't think he would turn 40. However, after losing more than half of his weight, his life has changed to the point that he even managed to run a marathon.

Three years ago, Orosco was wrong. In addition to being very obese, he had to deal with leg ulcers, extreme gout, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and cellulite, a bacterial infection that causes painful inflammation.


He knew he needed to make a change, so he met with a doctor to talk about the possibility of undergoing bariatric surgery, an intervention to lose weight. It was then that he discovered the terrifying extent of his conditions.

“We discussed my weight, age and the fact that if I didn't make the necessary changes, I would simply continue to gain weight and my life expectancy was really uncertain.

As soon as I left the office, I sat in my car and burst into tears for a long time, before regaining my composure. The fear of losing my life came true for me that morning, and it was a feeling I had never felt before, ”he confessed in an interview to People.

He came to weigh 475 pounds, but his radical change transformed him.

The weight loss surgery was miles away. First, Orosco had to show that he could modify his lifestyle to make sure the operation made sense and would not return to his old habits as soon as he left the operating room.

He eliminated fast food, fried foods, bread, juices, carbonated drinks and alcohol. In addition, he began to walk regularly. Thus he managed to lose 100 pounds in just six months.

After that, Orosco underwent surgery to lose weight and then managed to continue with a much healthier lifestyle if possible. Since then, he was fond of running and no one stops him.

In the year and a half since he started running, Orosco has completed about 32 races, from 8k to marathons. On October 20 of this year, he ran his first full marathon in Detroit.

He has also lost 475 pounds, more than half of his weight. As he admits, his body image and self-confidence are at "a historical maximum."

“Many people see the before and after, and some consider that having a bariatric procedure is an easy way to solve the weight problem, but in reality it is the most difficult thing I have done in my life and I have to work on it every day. . Some people don't realize or don't understand the mental and physical sacrifice and the challenges associated with this process, ”he explained.

Without a doubt, losing weight, both for health and for aesthetics, is a difficult process that must be carried out with care and under the supervision of a doctor. The sacrifices, although hard, are surely worth it.