India Confirms a Second Case Of Wuhan Coronavirus In The South Of The Country

New Delhi, Feb 2 (EFE) .- India confirmed on Sunday the second case of coronavirus registered in its territory, by giving positive a citizen with ‘travel history from China’ of the southern state of Kerala, where the first was also registered case three days ago.

‘A second positive case of a patient with coronavirus has been registered in Kerala. The patient has a history of travel from China (…) and is isolated in the hospital (where) it remains stable and is being closely monitored, ‘the Ministry of Health of the Asian country said in a statement, without offering more details about the affected person or their trips to the neighboring country.

In that same state, the first case of coronavirus in India was confirmed last Thursday, after an Indian student at Wuhan University tested positive.


The ministry also informed in that case that the patient was stable and that he was isolated in a regi onal hospital.

Also on Sunday, the second plane chartered by the Indian Government landed in New Delhi to repatriate its citizens residing in Wuhan.

‘The second Air India flight from Wuhan has just taken off to Delhi with 323 Indian citizens on board. 7 Maldivian citizens are also being evacuated, ‘the Indian ambassador to Beijing, Vikram Misri, said in a tweet this morning.

Already in the morning Misri said that the flight had landed in the Indian capital and wished all passengers ‘good health in the coming days’, in which they will be subjected to quarantine, as well as the 324 Indian returnees who arrived on Saturday from Wuhan.

For this quarantine of 14 days – the maximum time in which the virus can be incubated -, the Indian authorities set up two special centers, one of them managed by the Armed Forces Medical Services and the other by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, both located in New Delhi. EFE



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