Inés Gómez Mont Assures That Her Ex-husband Wants To See Her In Prison

The driver recalled that when she was in very poor health, Javier Díaz leaked a debit document to the Treasury that apparently could take her to prison.

In December 2013 Inés Gómez Mont announced his separation from the businessman Javier Diaz, a few months after the birth of her triplets. Since then the ex-partner has made several headlines for the alleged denial by the driver that he sees his children.


Although she had preferred to remain silent for the integrity of her children, Agnes She assured that she is tired of the criticism she has received and of the versions that are circulating, which is why she decided to break the silence and narrate the situation she has lived with her ex-husband since their separation, since she assured that Javier He will not rest until he is seen in prison.

In interview with Monica Noguera, Gomez Mont He recounted the terrible moments he lived at the time with his ex-husband, but the driver was blunt with the businessman’s request, and assured that she is no longer willing to speak to him without an attorney involved.

“He says that no lawyer, due to the influences of the Gomez Mont, he wants to take the case, which is a lie because anyone takes a case from you, as long as it is one that has feet and head. But hey, the request of him and his wife is: ‘We want to put her in jail’, this is how they start: ‘Find her something, we want to imprison her,’ “he said. Agnes.

“I say that they do not take the case because the lawyers have to think: ‘At what point do I put this woman who is dedicated to her children in jail, if her greatest crime is being a mother, she imprisoned her, but in what way? Do I need to put her in jail? ‘”

“It has always been like this constant aggression of wanting to hurt me. It makes me very sad and that’s where I really met them, because I could have him and the whole family in 20 thousand concepts, and I also wish them no harm, but neither is it I kind of pray for them.

“But in that state where I was in health, on the hairline of death because I was very delicate, I was weaker than ever, I was really ugly in terms of health and he, knowing that, tried to take advantage “he narrated Agnes.

Finally, Gomez Mont expressed that her husband, Victor AlvarezHe has been his best support in all this situation: “He is my savior. My greatest love, the love of my life, my gift from heaven and I will never tire of saying it. He has been a pillar and for my children he has been an accomplice Biggest they can have, for my children, my husband is their hero. “