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Inés Gómez Mont Recalled How She Faced The Diagnosis Of Tumors In The Brain

The host spoke of one of the most difficult stages of her life during an interview on the program ‘Venga la Alegría’.

Throughout life, Inés Gómez Mont She has faced several difficult moments in her life, but according to the driver, the one that has been the hardest for her occurred when two brain tumors were detected.

“After Bosco was born, I felt very clumsy, very tired, suddenly I fell. Suddenly I had a very ugly effusion in my eye and my husband told me: ‘You have to go to the cardiologist to check your blood pressure.’

“And I’m going to find a neurologist; He arrived, began to review me and said: ‘I need you to come down to do an MRI.’ And he tells me: ‘Inés, you have two brain tumors,’ “the presenter recalled during an interview she gave to the Venga la Alegría program.

Inés declared that from then on they gave her alarming diagnoses: “They were immediate surgeries, they open your whole head, very invasive. The aftermath, of collapsing, were more and more constant. It was very sad to feel useless on my body, the one that did not control my walking; they no longer lent me my baby to carry because there was a risk that I would fall. “

“My husband moved like crazy and we found the Mayo Clinic, in Jacksonville, as one of the places with the best devices and technology in terms of the brain. The first thing they told me at the clinic was: ‘You are not a candidate for the radiation ‘, because one of my tumors was very attached to the optic nerve, so at the time of radiation they could burn the optic nerve and I lose my sight, “he said.

Inés also shared that before undergoing the first operation, she received treatment to try to shrink the tumor and that the fear of dying was always latent.

“I was very afraid of dying.” “I went into surgery and the truth is that it went very well. The doctor told me that the second tumor did not cause problems and that it was best to leave it there; that as long as the tumor did not damage the nerves of the brain, nothing happened, “he added.

A year after the operation, the driver thought that she was fine and that everything had been left behind, until her doctor gave her bad news: “I continued my check-ups and one day at six in the morning the doctor spoke to me. : ‘Inés, I have bad news for you, the tumor that I had told you was not going to hurt, it has already started to hurt, it is behaving aggressively’ “.

“It was a surgery that, after the first one, I was not afraid. They had to drill the skull where the bone is very wide; it was more months of rehabilitation and seeing my children helping me with the walker. (…) I feel very grateful and full with life, very fortunate to be healthy, strong and to be able to enjoy every day the most precious thing I have, which is my family, “she concluded.

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