Inés Gómez Mont Reveals The True Reason For Her Divorce

The driver accepted that she lived through very difficult moments before separating from Javier Díaz, in 2013.

Agnes Gomez Mont she is determined to break the silence and no longer allow her image to continue to be discredited because of her ex-husband Javier DiazThat’s why in a recent interview with Monica Nogera, the driver considered that it was a good moment to reveal what was the real trigger to ask for a divorce.


He talked Agnes and he also took the opportunity to tell how his family’s intervention during the legal process against Javier: “Says you got a mail from my dad, he shouldn’t be involved in this. That is why I want to talk about how things are, because it is very easy to go victimize myself, I have always been silent and they got used to it, but I will not anymore.

“She talked to my dad and I told him that I had been separated for six months and that I needed him to help me make a divorce agreement,” she added. Gomez Mont, while accepting that the beneficiary with which this document was made was him: “You do not know what a beautiful divorce agreement I gave him”.

Agnes She shared that she had to overcome mixed feelings at that time: “(She was) a disgusted woman, because at the end of the day they deceived you, the ego … for what you want, you feel betrayed not only by him, but by your friend. The truth was I behaved decently, I told him: ‘What you want, as you want, we sign in holy peace.’ “

According to the driver, Javier He agreed and everything “I have documented, in an email he puts me: ‘In the divorce we both agreed.’ That thing that I arrived and surprised him … that he is poor, nobody believes it anymore.”

As for her children, she emphasized that Javier he saw them “two, three times nothing more”. Agnes He also shared what was the most difficult thing about being next to Diaz, before making the decision to separate from him: “The tiredness that was all this process of raising my children, seeing a man at the party and uploading photos on social networks with bottles and shots of tequila, I wanted to kill him! “