Inés Gómez Mont Was Rejected By Her Ex Upon Learning That She Would Have Triates

The driver shared in an interview the difficulties she went through during her multiple pregnancy.

As it rarely does, Inés Gómez Mont He spoke about the most precious thing he has in life: his children. The driver recounted the difficulties she faced during the pregnancy of her triplets, in addition, recalled the unexpected reaction her ex-husband had, Javier Diaz , upon hearing the news.


In interview with Monica NogueraInés shared that her ex-partner, from whom she separated in 2013, was so upset to learn that she was going to have three children that she even stopped talking to him.

“He stopped talking to me, he was very angry, I do not know, to date I do not know why he would have been angry as if I had really planned it, as if I had cheated,” he said.

The driver also recalled how she found out that she expected triates and the difficulties she faced, since her gynecologist predicted a complicated pregnancy, to the extent that most of the time she spent it in bed.

“(The gynecologist) tells me:‘ Inés, there are not two, there are three, you are pregnant with triates. You do not know what we are in trouble, that is, a triatal pregnancy is very complicated, one of the most difficult things, you are also small, your body will not bear it, I think you are not ready to have triates, I will have you What to put to bed, you already started with threats of abortion ‘, the picture was not pretty, ”said the television presenter.

“I went home with a lot of anguish, I was in bed, I practically threw myself six months in bed pregnant with the triates, six months without moving and the day I was threatened with an abortion, the day they loaded me in a chair and put me in the car and I came to the emergency room and the only thing the doctor said to me is ‘we have to see if there is a heartbeat or not,’ so I threw up the entire pregnancy. “

Agnes she did not miss the opportunity to talk about her firstborn Inesita, who, he stressed, has become his great teacher of life, because at 10 years old he is one of the people who most cares about his well-being.

“(It is in 2009) when I became Inesita’s mother, then the princess was born who, for me, well, was the best gift that life could give me and the truth is that I had a girl because at the end of time Inesita She has become, now that she is 10 years old, a great teacher for me, she is a girl who does not like that nobody messes with me, that nobody touches me, that nobody offends me, that nobody hurts me “, she highlighted .

Since last year, the businessman Javier Díaz and Inés Gomez Mont They maintain a dispute, since he has declared that his ex-wife has not allowed him to see the children they had together for more than four years; Inesita, Bruno, Diego Y Javier.

Agnes For his part, he has not remained with his arms crossed and gave his own version of the events by publishing a video on his social networks where he presents evidence of the times in which Javier He has asked to see his children and then cancel the meetings.