Infidelity In Sight! Kimberly Flores Betrayed Edwin Luna In The Networks

Kimberly Flores and her husband joined the fashion for the videos on Tik Tok. Fans went crazy upon learning the secrets of the famous couple.

Young people were not far behind and took the challenge “Who is more likely? Singer He confessed which of the two is more likely to lie, steal, get drunk, among others, but there was one of the questions that caused an uproar. When talking about who would commit an infidelity, the Guatemalan woman pointed to Edwin without thinking.

Netizens quickly commented on the post and many noted that it was the other way around, flowers He was more likely to commit an infidelity. In addition, one user had no filter and said: “Make him unfaithful, because the two met while being unfaithful.” Apparently, followers do not forget the controversial beginning of the model and Luna.


Still, Kimberly and Edwin have not come out to respond to criticism. Young people are used to ugly comments, however, for their health they prefer not to go out into a virtual battle.

Finally, the life of Kimberly Flores and Edwin changed completely with the arrival of their daughter Gianna. The youngest is two years old and is the youngest of five brothers.