Infinite Sadness! The Protagonist Of The Most Popular Series In The US Died

Lynn Cohen recognized for her participation in the Sex and the city series and the hunger games among others, died Friday in New York.

The actress had a long career in theater, film and television, one of the most popular that I represent was “Magda”, the housekeeper of Miranda Hobbes and nanny of her son, in this series. The artist born in Kansas City, Missouri, died at age 86. Related News International media has not received information from the artist’s family about her funeral plans.

Lynn will always be remembered among other things for being one of the protagonists of the most successful series in the United States accompanied by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall.The series with a touch of drama and comedy was first broadcast on HBO, set from New York, tells about four friends who tell their life and love affairs where Cohen

Protagnized the role of “Magda”.

It shows the role of women between their 30s and 40s in the odyssey of choosing a couple to start a family but with the responsibility also of choosing a father for their children, which is not an easy task, but still this brilliant artist will leave His mark.

This group of friends in fiction, many artists and followers will always remember the woman in Hollywood