Insecurity Prevented Filming Of Terminator In Mexico, The Director Of The Film Confessed

Due to the atmosphere of insecurity and violence in Mexico, Tim Miller, director of the new installment of the Terminator series, decided that the film would be recorded in another country and avoid any situation that exposed the team.

The tape: Terminator: Hidden Destination, mostly takes place in Mexico, but after hearing the news that in 2017 Carlos Muñoz Portal, who served as location manager for the series “Narcos”, had been killed while performing his work, Tim Miller gave up coming to Mexico in 2018 to do it.

During a press conference that Miller offered in Mexico City on the occasion of promoting the new tape, he said that ""the last nail that sealed the coffin was the murder of a scout while searching locations for the series. ""


According to the director, another reason that reinforced the idea of ​​not filming in Mexico, was that all the production staff was already in Budapest, and for reasons of budget, it was easier to move it to Spain, where the recording was carried out.

It was the neighborhoods of Pueblo Nuevo and Lavapiés, located in Madrid, which were modified to recreate a Mexican atmosphere and make the film. Some of the modifications that were made to these towns to resemble them, was to paint pink cars with white, to simulate that they were taxis of the Mexican capital. Old cars were also left on the streets, so that they seemed abandoned, which would be a characteristic feature of the popular colonies in the country.

Another resource used by the production team was to paint and change the facades of local businesses, even changing their name; as was the case of a mechanical workshop that changed its name to ""Mexico Motor" ". For the issue of extras, people who had Mexican features or who closely resembled each other were summoned.

During the press conference, Tim Miller stressed that this story and this movie is something different from what has been seen in previous installments. ""This is the right story I wanted to tell. This is what is interesting and has not been seen before in Terminator, I thought all these elements were refreshing and has to do with what is happening today. "Https://" He stressed that One of the main and biggest challenges during filming was to create something different, something that did not resemble previous deliveries, but that did not bore the public.

It should be noted that Miller also directed the movie Deadpool, released in 2016, which was a blockbuster, and has also participated in projects such as Thor: The Dark World and the Girl with the dragon tattoo., So it is expected, that in general, the film has a good history and is also a success at the box office, especially after several years without seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger on screen with the role that catapulted him into fame.

The release date of Terminator: Hidden Destination, is scheduled for November 1, 2019 in cinemas around the world.