Inside | Health: Take Control Of Psoriasis

The university years are a period of challenges in the student's life. And if you add to these the consequences of the worst atmospheric event that has disrupted the existence of each island – such as Hurricane Maria – it is not surprising that diagnoses of various conditions have arisen, especially a visible and permanent one: psoriasis.

This was the story of Pedro [fictitious name], but I have no doubt that there are others who carry the "procession inside."

"I had some" capitas "[scales] on the skin, but I thought it was dry," he recalls. Then came the hurricane … Then, the return to the routine drowned in experiences never lived … Classes resumed, but, everything changed. The university student, like the vast majority of the locals, had no light, "he had a thousand exams, classes ended in December, he had to find a place to eat" and among many other vicissitudes he was facing, his stress reached a level that never He had felt.


It was, then, that he looked more at the dryness his elbows exhibited. “They were super dry. Out of nowhere, they began to come out like calluses on the palms of my hands and fingers; in my head, when I scratched my skin, it got out of my skin, ”he says.

Pedro worried, talked to his mother and visited a dermatologist, who confirmed the diagnosis.

Psoriasis? "I didn't even know what it was," he says. The dermatologist explained the details of the condition, among which the university highlights that it was for life and autoimmune.

He was injected with the medication in the affected areas, achieving improvement. However, the stress continued and worsened. “It came out on my knees, on my fingers, it was more complicated; He was very dry and bleeding. In the parts that one moves, like the hands, the skin is broken, ”he illustrates.

He told his father that what he was feeling was not quality of life. “Mommy, it hurts too much; Even writing hurts ”and“ I didn't look healthy, ”he explains. They returned to the dermatologist, began to inject it monthly and "I improved a lot."

The changes he made

If there is something that empowers a patient, it is to know. Pedro took action to control the disease by following medical instructions and educating himself. Because he knows that psoriasis, like the treatment he receives, compromises the liver, hardly consumes alcohol; He also manages his stress, uses special soaps and changed his diet. Opt for quinoa, chicken, almond milk, dramatically lowered fats and eliminated dairy.

The support is an incentive

As his relatives, friends and his girlfriend found out, Pedro was shocked by the number of people close to him who also suffer from it; Between these a cousin and two friends. It is precisely this support network that keeps you informed about news and studies on psoriasis. "I was shelling everything and it has meant a lot to me, especially my girlfriend, whoever is with me, support me and understand that it is a condition that has no cure, but there are solutions to control it," he says.

Educate yourself

The cause of psoriasis remains unclear. Although there is evidence of genetic predisposition, the role of the immune system is also a research topic. However, no autoantigen has been identified. It can even be caused by external and internal triggers, including minor trauma, sunburn, infections, systemic drugs and stress. Its main symptom is irritated, red and scaly skin plates. It is a chronic disease that usually appears and disappears. The main goal of treatment is to stop the accelerated growth of skin cells. There is no cure, but the symptoms can be controlled. Lifestyle-related measures, such as applying moisturizer, changing the diet and managing stress, are useful.

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