Intimate Photos Of Demi Lovato Filtered By Snapchat, Hacked

Intimate photos of Demi Lovato filtered by Snapchat, hacked | INSTAGRAM

Singer Demi Lovato is the last Hollywood celebrity to be a victim of Internet hackers, specifically on Snapchat.

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Through the social network, Snapchat, photos of Demi Lovato have been shared without any clothes. The photos where she portrays herself were taken with her cell phone, but it is not yet known how they accessed them.

It should be remembered that Demi was one of the stars of Disney Channel that is somewhat removed from the music, although she did take the opportunity to be an active user on social networks, where she uploads content regularly.

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In the filtered photos you can see him posing in front of the mirror and others where he appears showing his intimate parts. This fact surprised his fans a lot, as it was already denounced by many, while another large group of users say they are enjoying the leak.

The Twitter community has been making theories and in some of these there is a rumor that Demi Lovato herself is responsible for filtering her intimate photos on the famous Snapchat social network.

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The theory is based on the images being promoted on a website where you can access exclusive information of the singer, something quite suspicious and strange. Demi has preferred to disappear from Instagram, the platform he uses the most and on which he has approximately 74.6 million followers.

This is the second occasion he faces with a fact of this style, because some years ago, when he was still working for Disney, they shared some photos on the Internet where he could be seen kissing in the mouth with several women, while in other photos he appears to be touched by the same women while she takes the photos.

On that occasion Demi Lovato did nothing about it and continued his career.