IOS 13.4 Will Arrive On March 24 With Trackpad Support For All IPads

The iPad will be compatible with trackpads or mice from Apple and third parties, but first you will have to update to iOS 13.4 on March 24.
                                                Apple will release the iOS 13.4 version (which includes iPadOS 13.4) for all users on March 24. The Cupertino firm announced that this new version of the operating system will include trackpad support for the new iPad Pro and also for the rest of the portfolio. of Apple tablets that are compatible with this operating system. The update includes other improvements like new Memoji and shared folders in iCloud.

Now that Apple announced its first iPad keyboard integrating a trackpad or cursor, iOS 13.4 —and iPadOS 13.4— will include support for the new iPad Pro to be used with this keyboard, although it will not arrive until May. Also, iPadOS 13.4 will allow any tablet compatible with that version to be used with a mouse or trackpad natively. Apple confirmed, according to MacRumors, that iPadOS 13.4 will make the Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and third-party mice be compatible with new iPad features. It is important to mention that the iPad is already compatible with mice since the arrival of iOS 13, but now it will take advantage of Apple’s implementation.Apple announced on Wednesday March 18 a new iPad Pro that has two cameras on the back, a LiDAR sensor and more news. The iPad Pro will also have the Magic Keyboard which is the first Apple keyboard for the iPad that includes a trackpad. Users, however, will be able to use trackpads or mice that they already have at home.

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