Iran Challenges Donald Trump And His 'West Point Mafia'

The United States' obsession with Iran has already been going on for more than four decades, during which time Washington did everything possible and impossible using in vain covered and concealed methods to stop this country from existing.

There is no tomorrow that does not become yesterday (Persian proverb)

The recent assassination of Qasem Soleimani, one of the most respected Iranian generals in the Middle East, hero of the fight against the terrorists of the Islamic State, when he arrived on a peace mission at the Baghdad airport, shows that the American presidents and their rhetoric change but His imperialist policy of dominating the world remains intact. Donald Trump, like his predecessors, had no qualms about ordering the murder of a foreign leader in another country during his official visit and thus ignored and scoffed at all international laws and authorities.


US international politics remain dominated by war hawks. It turns out that the murder of Soleimani was planned in June last year by John Bolton himself who had to leave his position as national security adviser to the president for being a war fan in the Middle East and Europe. But the foreign policy of North America has not changed with his departure from the Government, as a new intimate circle of collaborators and advisers has formed around Trump with the power to influence the president's decisions that proclaimed themselves as the 'West Point Mafia '. There are six men from the 1986 West Point promotion: Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo; Secretary of Defense Mark Esper; Pompeo advisor, Ulrich Brechbuhl; former CIA officer and currently Undersecretary of State, Brian Bulatao; Congressman of the House of Representatives, Mark Green; and CNN political lobbyist and political commentator, David Urban.

It was the members of this 'mafia' who assured Donald Trump that it is time to execute Soleimani, one of the most respected military leaders, both by his friends and enemies, who was also a supporter of the development of nuclear weapons in Iran as the only way to survive the country and defend against the United States after the current president of North America unilaterally annulled the nuclear agreement, Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA). That agreement with Iran was signed in 2015 by the US, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, China and Russia. Donald Trump said he made this decision because "the agreement was so badly negotiated that even if Iran complies with everything, the regime will be on the verge of getting nuclear weapons in a short period of time." (BBC World, May 8, 2018).

Although the leaders of Germany, the United Kingdom and France (E3) did not agree with Trump's decision, "they are interested in Iranian oil," and this country ranks fourth in the world for its reserves of Black gold (157,000 million barrels) changed their minds immediately upon receiving threats from the US president to impose high import tariffs on cars from these countries.

The rapid submission of E3 countries showed that Europe has stopped playing an important role in the Middle East becoming a simple vassal of the US, giving its place to Russia and China.

It was also evidenced that the JCPOA treaty with Iran has not been used as a mechanism of peace and security, but of subversion against Iran. As a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (1970), the Persian country has had all the rights for the development of its nuclear civil industry without restrictions. However, international rights, laws and authorities do not exist for the United States, which in the course of its 244 years of existence flagrantly violated all existing international laws when this suited its interests.

The most laughable of all is that Mike Pompeo and his allies assured the president that Iran would not have the possibility of military response to the murder of General Soleimani since, according to them, he did not possess modern weapons and his missiles were from the time of the Soviet Union . Surely there would be no repercussions and US interests in the Middle East would not be damaged, Trump ordered the elimination of Soleimani using a drone whose missile also killed the top leader of the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq (Hashd), Abu Mahdi Muhandis.

The Iranians had no choice but to respond so as not to be weak and vulnerable knowing that the absence of an adequate response would signal the Israelis and Americans to continue their aggressions and murders. Nor could Iran make a devastating attack against the Americans in the Middle East because such a response would have forced the US to attack Iran massively to destroy the most important geopolitical sites in the country.

Then, the Iranians made a very pragmatic decision by launching three missiles against two US military bases in Iraq with the prior notice to the Iraqi government to avoid human victims. The missiles fell with such precision that it perplexed the US military completely destroying the facilities and producing only 11 wounded among the American troops that hid in the shelters. The facilities of the famous Patriot missile shield curiously failed to detect Iranian missiles and left the Pentagon silent until now. Upon receiving this unexpected 'message', Donald Trump decided not to attack Iran more at the moment, he even talked about the possibility of doing business with Iran to lower the tension but at the same time he increased the psychological and economic pressure against the country and also the sanctions.

The White House tenant also talks about diplomacy but there is no indication of it. While Trump's predecessor presidents played a game with Iran demanding that the country desist from launching its nuclear program in exchange for ending the sanctions, the current US government offers nothing and does not demand anything. All he wants is to make Iran his unconditional satellite but he doesn't know how to do it. He cannot use the Bethlem Doctrine (Daniel Bethlem was an advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu) that says "states have the right to preventive self-defense in case of an impending attack" because Iran is a regional military power.

Its armed forces have 280,000 well-prepared men and women as demonstrated by the recent joint naval maneuvers of Iran, Russia and China in the Gulf of Oman. Also the Hezbollah movement that is an unconditional ally of Iran has 65,000 well-trained and armed fighters. Recently its leader, Hasan Nasralá declared that it will be the allies of Iran who will be responsible for responding militarily to the US. At the same time, in the case of a war with the US, Iran will have support from Palestinian Hamas with 20,000 armed militants and Islamic Jihad that has 8,000 combatants.

✒️ FIRMAS by Patricia Lee Wynne
"I call on all governments to join efforts to confront Iran," he said. @netanyahu Netanyahu at the World Holocaust Forum in front of the leaders and guests in Jerusalem


– Sputnik Mundo (@SputnikMundo) 24 января 2020 г.

For something after the recent assassination of General Soleimani, the Government of Kuwait assured Tehran that the attack on Baghdad airport was not carried out from its territory. The governments of Saudi Arabia and the Union of Arab Emirates, which have always promoted war against Iran as unconditional allies of the United States, are currently in secret talks with Tehran. In Iraq, Parliament voted for the expulsion of US troops from its territory.

Taking into account all these conditions, we can conclude that Trump's threats to turn 52 Iranian cultural sites into ashes, of which 24 were declared by UNESCO as World Heritage, two Natural World Heritage, most of which have More than 1,000 years of existence, it is part of a rhetoric on the eve of the next presidential elections.

In reality, all the bellicose blows of Donald Trump and his West Point Mafia against Iran are trying to camouflage the excessive interest of US energy corporations for 157,000 million barrels of Iranian oil and 148.9 billion barrels of Iraqi black gold. The permanence of US troops in Syria is also due to oil. The same president confirmed it on October 31, 2019 before his Government saying: "We are in Syria and Iraq because we want to control oil" ("We want to keep the oil"). "Possibly we will have one of our large corporations that will do it properly."

In August 2019, Iraqi Prime Minister of Shiite origin, Adil Abdul-Mahdi spoke to parliament about how the Americans ruined the country and refused to rebuild productive infrastructure and power plants if Iraq did not offer 50% of profits from oil, that is to say something more than 55,000 million dollars annually. But in reality, Washington does not need to demand anything from Iraq because Baghdad saves its money in the US Federal Reserve Bank in New York. It's that simple. As soon as the Iraqi Government signed a contract with China, Petroleum for Reconstruction, committing to export 100,000 barrels per day to this country in exchange for reconstruction, a wave of protests broke out in Iraq demanding the opposition to change the Government.

It is already known that behind the protests that claimed more than 600 lives in Iraq are the CIA and the US Government … After the demolition of the plane of the Ukrainian International lines, flight 752 near Tehran airport due to the possible 'hacking' of radars, the Iranian opposition took to the streets to protest. It is already known that protests in both Iraq and Iran have been organized by the US State Department that annually spends $ 65.5 million for the Internet Freedon Program whose mission is to promote protests and terrorist acts using the internet.

The sick obsession of the US and Israel against Iran makes blind the leaders of these countries who do not want to realize that they are not simply facing the US-Iranian conflict but facing a confrontation related to regional security in the Middle East that would have its consequences in the entire world.




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