Iran Claims To Have Thwarted a 'massive' Foreign Cyber Attack

Tehran, Dec. 11 (EFE) .- Iranian Telecommunications Minister Mohamad Yavad Azari Yahromi said Wednesday that Iran has thwarted a 'massive' cyber attack against its state infrastructure sponsored by a foreign state, which it did not name.

"Recently, a highly organized and state-sponsored cyber attack was carried out against our e-government infrastructures, which was successfully identified and repelled by the country's cybersecurity shield," said the minister.

Yahromí said at the end of the cabinet session that the attack was "really massive" and that "later" will reveal details of what happened, according to local agency Mehr.


"I cannot say at this time which country carried out the attack," added the head of Telecommunications, who reported last September that Iran had neutralized 33 million cyber attacks in the last year.

Some media outlets pointed out that last September the United States carried out a secret cyber attack against Iran in response to attacks against facilities of Saudi oil company Aramco, of which Washington and Riyadh accused Tehran.

Three months earlier, last June, the Government of Iran said that none of the cyber attacks launched by the United States against the computers that regulate Iranian missile launch systems had been successful.

Yahromí also referred today to the development of a national information network, which has aroused fears that the authorities will block the Internet again, as they did for a week last November due to anti-government protests.

'The objective of the national information network is to boost the country's economic growth in the digital sector. What is said about the internet cut is pure lie, 'said the minister.

Along the same lines, Iranian President Hasan Rohaní said today that what the authorities are looking for is that the population has 'access to a powerful national information network'.

"Improving the national information network does not mean cutting the internet," said the president to try to dispel fears.

The Iranian authorities have repeatedly cut off the internet and blocked numerous foreign websites, social networks like Twitter and Facebook and messaging services such as Telegram. EFE