Iran Responded To Donald Trump After The Threat Of More Attacks: "They Are Unlikely To Dare"

The Iranian Army said Sunday that the United States will not dare to attack Iran, after Donald Trump warned that they have identified 52 targets in the Persian country.

The general commander of the Army of Iran, Abdolrahim Musaví, said during a ceremony that "in a possible conflict in the future they are unlikely to dare to do that and there it will be determined where those numbers 5 and 2 belong."

So Musavi responded to Trump's threat to attack 52 targets in Iran if he retaliates for the murder of military chief Qasem Soleimaní.


According to Musaví, quoted by the ISNA agency, Americans make such statements to "wash their image after having committed an inhuman act that in the eyes of international opinion is unjustifiable."

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Soleimaní was killed last Friday near Baghdad in a selective US bombing, which also ended the life of the vice president of the Iraqi Shiite militia Popular Crowd, Abu Mahdi al Mohandes, and other members of this group.

The commander of the Quds Force was in charge of the operations outside Iran of the Guardians of the Revolution, so their presence in Syria and Iraq was usual, supervising the militias backed by Tehran in both Arab countries.

Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, as well as the country's leading political and military leaders, vowed to avenge the murder of the influential commander, whose funerals began this Sunday in Iran and will last three days.

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Faced with these threats, Trump said Saturday that he has identified 52 Iran's objectives to respond "very quickly" and "very strongly" to the possible reprisals of Tehran.

The escalation of tension between Iran and the United States aroused terror in the international community, whose leaders are trying to calm the Persian authorities to avoid the outbreak of a conflict.

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