Iran Will Sue Donald Trump Before An International Tribunal – World

Tehran Iran announced yesterday that it will sue the US president, Donald Trump, in an international court for the execution of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, and denied trying to cover up the demolition of the Ukraine International Airlines plane, which killed 176 people last Wednesday.

The head of the judicial system of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, said that the high human rights council of the Judiciary, the Foreign Ministry and other departments of the Islamic Republic will cooperate to prosecute the tycoon as the number one suspect in this terrorist act, referring to the murder of Soleimai, head of the Al Qods force, of the Guardians of the Revolution.

The lawsuit will be filed while in power as president of the United States. We will not leave him alone, the official warned, cited by the news agencies FARS and INRA.


Soleimani, Abu Mahdi Muhandis, high command of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, and other military officers were killed in a drone attack authorized by Trump outside Baghdad International Airport, last day 3.

In response, Iran, which promised revenge, attacked with missiles last Wednesday two military bases in Iraq in which US soldiers are deployed. Hours later, a Ukraine Airlines Boeing 737 plane was shot down shortly after taking off from Tehran International Airport, a tragedy in which 176 people died, mostly Iranians and Canadians.

The president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, promulgated a law that describes the United States Department of Defense and all related entities as terrorist organizations, which was passed last week by Parliament after the execution of Soleimani.

The Islamic Republic acknowledged last Saturd ay that its army mistakenly fired a ground-to-air missile against the Ukrainian plane. At first the authorities denied that thesis, a theory that from the beginning maintained the Canadian government.

Ali Rabiei, a spokesman for the Iranian government, denied yesterday that he had tried to cover up the responsibility in the tragedy. The truth is that we do not lie. To lie is to disguise the truth intentionally and consciously … it is to cover up information … it is to know a fact and not tell it or distort reality, he said in a message broadcast on television.

International press agencies reported that for the third consecutive day there were protests in Tehran over the demolition of the plane, and the initial refusal to recognize that the civilian ship was attacked.

The Ap agency said it was able to verify the authenticity of videos circulating on social networks and that show how security forces fire real ammunition and tear gas to disperse street protesters. In the recordings the attendees are seen coughing and spitting while fleeing from the smoke, and a woman exclaims in Farsi: they threw tear gas at people! Azadi Square! Death to the dictator!

In turn, the Afp agency reported: on Sunday night, demonstrations of an amplitude difficult to evaluate took place in Tehran, according to videos published on social networks that could not be authenticated.

Then, in another office Afp said: On Monday, for the third consecutive day, videos were broadcast on social networks that seemed to show demonstrations, particularly at Sharif University in Tehran, in Sanandaj in Kurdistan and in Isfaján. Protesters shouted hostile slogans to the authorities of the Islamic Republic.

Tehran police chief General Hosein Rahimi rejected that the security forces shot at the protesters. The police treated people with patience and tolerance. He did not shoot at all against the rallies, because moderation orders were given to the policemen of the capital.



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